Woman warns after ‘creepy’ WhatsApp messages

A woman issued a warning after a con artist tried to take almost £ 2,000 from her.

The 71-year-old woman from Southport, who asked to remain anonymous, posted her experience on Facebook in an attempt to warn others of what had happened.

The conversation of the unrecognized number started with them, pretending to be its oldest.

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Their message read, “Hello Mom, this is my new number, my phone won’t turn on, so I needed to get a new one. You can reach me on this number from now on.”

It was then that she asked for the message. She asked, “Who is this?

WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer” content=”https://i2-prod.liverpoolecho.co.uk/incoming/article22092665.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_WhatsApp-messages-between-a-woman-anda-scammer.jpg”/>
WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer

It was then that the scammer replied, “Your eldest of course.”

The conversation continues and the scammer has texted him: “Okay thank you give me a few minutes I get the details xx this is £ 1,875 – is that possible? I send it back on Monday . “

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This is where she starts asking for the amount and how her supposed daughter could afford it.

She sent a message: “I didn’t think you had that kind of money.”

The scammer, imitating his eldest daughter, goes on to say that they have saved £ 2,000 but cannot access her bank until Monday.

WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer
WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer

When she asked for the bank details there was no response, she blocked the number the next day after seeing her daughter in person, she told him it was not her.

In a Facebook post, the Southport woman sent a warning to those who may also be victims of such a scam.

She wrote: “I just want people to know that I almost got ripped off last night. I got a WhatsApp message from an unknown number saying it was my oldest offspring.

“The context being that their iPhone was broken and needed money to buy a new one. I was convinced it was genuine, so much so that I even updated my daughter’s phone number and deleted his.

“Fortunately, no money was sent. I never thought I could be cheated !! Pay attention my friends. !!!”

After the post she told ECHO how scared she was that she might have given almost £ 2,000 to a scammer.

WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer
WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer

She said: “It was a little scary to be honest. The reason I really thought it was my daughter was because she always contacted me on Fridays at tea time, before bringing her kids. in bed, because I have my grandchildren on Saturday because she works on a Saturday. I always babysit without it being a school day.

“I was expecting a message from her as usual. That’s why I thought it was her. Otherwise, if it had been any other time, I would have realized it, I’m sure. that I would. I kept messaging and the messages were going back and forth, but then there was a pause so I thought “oh, she puts the boys to bed” and then that came back to me where I thought she was also under a lot of pressure for some reason.

WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer
WhatsApp messages between a woman and a scammer

“She isn’t texting in her normal way, she was making mistakes she normally wouldn’t, but I just attributed it to the pressure she was under. Then I didn’t get a response. so I went to bed bored enough that she had asked me for money and wanted a phone so expensive that she would never normally have.

“Anyway, she brought the kids the next day and dropped them off and she looked normal. So I said to her ‘Are you going to show me that new phone then?’ and she said ‘what new phone?’

“That’s when it came up. I showed her the messages and she said it wasn’t her. I just couldn’t believe it. I was really fooled and honestly I don’t take it that easily. It scared me a lot. This con man obviously got me at the wrong time. “

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