With a Gasoline Card you save a lot of money – Credits

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There are mainly two ways to choose gasoline cards

It comes as no surprise that the gas companies are vigorously competing for market shares in the Norwegian gas market. The trend right now is that there will be fewer cards and that more of the discount will be shown directly on the pump price. Nevertheless, there will still be gasoline cards on the market.

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The simple method is to select cards from the station closest to the home. The advanced method is to select the card that best meets the following criteria: bi gasoline, bank statement, most stations and longest credit period.

One is certain about the gasoline market in Norway, namely that you never know which station sells the cheapest gasoline tomorrow. The prices vary according to how the price competition is in your market right now. There are ongoing price wars. They can come suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Below we will look at which selection criteria are important for choosing a gasoline card.

All the clean petrol cards are free

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In other words, you can get a very thick wallet with well over 10 cards. This is not a winning strategy. Many of the cards have code. With many different codes, I think we can safely say that you have to give up.

The petrol companies have one goal in mind with their various cards; they should build up so-called customer loyalty. By that, they mean you should become a regular customer. Statoil, Esso, Shell and the other companies hope that you will use detours to refuel their pumps. So you probably bring some chocolate at the same time, and maybe you wash the car. Gasoline has become a lure and the bait is discounts.

The bait that may work best for you to be a customer forever is the so-called bonus system. Every time you refuel from the same petrol pump, you add up a bonus on “account” with the gas company. The bonus is paid out once a year, most often in January. The premise of being a loyal customer is that you usually get a higher bonus per liter the more you fill during the year. Other companies offer the discount there and then. Still others have a system where they combine discount and bonus collection.

Overview of car expenses with gasoline card

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One of the most important arguments for limiting the number of cards, and preferably just having one, is an overview of your car expenses. Everything you buy from gasoline, oil, windscreen wipers and card washing is recorded. At regular intervals you get detailed overviews of how much you have traded for.

Especially for those who keep car accounts in tax contexts, this is tremendously helpful. But it is also valuable for those who want to keep track of your private expenses.

Discount on other goods is hardly a very important point

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What should you buy at a gas station other than petrol and petroleum products?  Food and other groceries are expensive. Credit time can be something to stick to. It is neat to get one bill per month. Also, it is convenient to be able to refuel if the account is empty two days before payroll arrives.

The number of drives the card operates on. If you have decided that you only want to use one company, you should look at how many places the company has stations. We recommend the gas card Nemedcos, which you can find on our pages in the right column!


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