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The video conferencing app was promoted after the Covid pandemic spread around the world like wildfire. according to Statistical, Zoom app revenue grew in 2020 at an unprecedented rate. Zoom app is one of the best against $ 623 million in revenue in 2019 Video conferencing applicationGenerated $ 2.65 billion in revenue in 2020. In comparison, the Skype application has also seen significant user network growth. According to another Statista report, in 2021 Skype It is expected to add at least 1.80 billion new users to the network. These numbers are well above 2020, which has 1.67 billion new users.

sauce- https://www.statista.com/statistics/820384/estimated-number-skype-users-worldwide/

Additionally, this blog describes both. Video call app In detail. Take a look at these features to determine which app, Zoom or Skype, best suits your needs.

So let’s get started without more effort!

Zoom or Skype: features

Now, to find the answer to an important question, zoom is better than Skype. First, I will explain their detailed functions. These features will help you decide if Zoom or Skype is right for you!

Zoom application features

To understand how Zoom will work in the future, select a few important features of your app. Later I will talk about the Skype application.

1. Call transfer

Call transfer

A feature called “Call Forwarding” which is available for free on Zoom is a great option to make it the best communication app. Users can simply add a person and transfer the call to that person. However, the conference administrator can turn off this feature to stop transferring calls from conversation members.

2. Call recording

One of the key features that should be part of the zoom review is “call recording”. As the name suggests, this option allows you to record each segment of a call made in Zoom for free. These calls are recorded in real time and stored offline on your device.

3. Check your presence

Before transferring a call or adding a member, the user is free to check whether the recipient member is available. If the status indicates that the members are offline, the user can call them later when the members are available. This can be used as one of the main benefits of zooming to save time while waiting for other members to get the call.

4. Security


The Zoom app provides end-to-end encryption to ensure your privacy is not compromised. But is Zoom better than Skype due to security concerns? The answer to this question is controversial, as both apps take user safety seriously.

5. Price

The Zoom app comes with some amazing free features that are enough for personal meetings and small businesses. With the free plan, users can organize meetings with up to 100 participants. Additionally, group meetings can last up to 40 minutes. Users can host up to 1 / 30th of a meeting as many times as they want for free.

Currently, the premium plan is divided into three parts. The cost of these plans in the US ranges from $ 14.99 per month to $ 19.99 per month. Each plan provides features such as the number of participants allowed and the amount of cloud space.

Skype Chat Online App Features

Then check the functionality of the Skype Chat Online app to see if it’s on top of the Zoom app.

1. HD audio and video calls

HD audio and video calls

The main point that needs to be explained in this Zoom-Skype comparison is the call quality. The Skype application is free and offers exceptional call quality. The quality is easy to reach at 1080p resolution on a good network.

2. Affordable international calling charges

The best thing about the Skype app is that you can make voice calls to friends who are not online. Just like a regular phone, Skype lets you connect with your friends using your phone number.

3. Screen sharing

Screen sharing, a feature present in both the Zoom and Skype apps, is much faster in Skype. This feature is used to view your presentation in real time with others.

4. Skype Credit

Skype Credit

The main difference between Skype and Zoom is Skype Credit. These credits can be purchased according to your needs for performing tasks such as making international calls. Therefore, you can buy as much Skype Credit as you want.

5. Price

Is Skype free? Yes, the basic functionality of the Skype app is free. Skype will charge you for the credits used to make international calls. These credits provide the user with a specific fraction. For example, calling India from the UK costs around $ 7.83 per month. With this amount, you get 800 minutes to use for conversations with India.

In conclusion, is Zoom better than Skype?

Well, Zoom is a great app, but Skype is great in our opinion. The reason for giving the Skype app a cup is the offline calling feature. You cannot replace the original Phone appThis feature is still very useful.

But the honest truth is both Best App Development Company He is brilliant and has his own importance. Therefore, you have to choose the winner in your opinion yourself and choose it. Hope these features described above can help you.

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