WhatsApp Warns All 2 Billion Users They Could Be BANNED For Breaking These 5 Rules

Fall under WhatsApp’s strict rules and you could be banned.

While things like scamming are an obvious way to get kicked off the platform, there are some rules you might not realize you’re breaking.


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Here are five that could land you in hot water.

Too reported

No one likes a nuisance, especially on WhatsApp.

Did you know that if too many people report you, it could cause moderators to delete you altogether.

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One way to get a little annoying and get others to report you is to use the broadcast feature.

Contacting people you don’t know is another way to block yourself.

So it’s best to respect others and not bombard them, as this will attract attention.

impersonate someone

No, you’re not allowed to impersonate someone – even if you’re trying to find out the truth about a cheating ex.

If you are caught creating a fake account using someone else’s photos, your number will be blocked.

Third-party apps

WhatsApp only wants you to use the official app.

If you use a third-party scam, like WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp, your account might get banned.

Automated or bulk messages

Automated and bulk messages are usually a bit of a red flag that someone is trying to scam.

So even if you’re doing it innocently, it’s probably best not to.

Indeed, WhatsApp uses AI technology as well as reports from other users to detect and ban accounts that send unwanted automatic messages.

Not using WhatsApp enough

Although not strictly a ban, your WhatsApp account may be disabled or deleted if you are not using it.

Platform bosses don’t say exactly how long.

The Official Rules simply state, “We may also deactivate or delete your account if it does not become active after account registration or if it remains inactive for an extended period of time.”

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users


WhatsApp has over 2 billion usersCredit: Getty
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