WhatsApp is working on a “command” shortcut for business customers

WhatsApp has billions of customers worldwide. Not only that, but many businesses also rely on instant messaging to interact with their customers. The Meta-owned company is working hard to bring more businesses online by adding useful features to WhatsApp for Business. It is currently working on a new “command” shortcut for business customers, according to WABetainfo.

The new “order” shortcut was first spotted on the Android beta app, but it’s no longer exclusive to Android users. The new feature has now been spotted on the WhatsApp Desktop beta app, confirming that work accounts will have the same privilege as Android users. If you’re a business using the WhatsApp Desktop beta app, you’ll soon be able to create a quick order using the new shortcut and share it with your customers.

The new shortcut will allow businesses to choose which products to include in the order, their quantity, price, etc. Businesses will also be able to share orders with their customers.

As for when the feature will be available to users, WABetainfo claims that the instant messaging company is currently working on it and therefore people like us cannot take advantage of the upcoming “command” shortcut. Details on its general availability are unknown, but it may hit beta testers first.

Along with the “order” shortcut, the instant messenger is working on several new features, including a status reply indicator, 32-person audio calls, the ability to view status updates in the chat list, and the possibility of using a single WhatsApp. account on multiple devices, and more. He is also working on a new feature that will allow users to leave WhatsApp groups silently.

If you use WhatsApp, you can share your thoughts on these upcoming features in the comments section.

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