WhatsApp experts spot new SECRET Reply feature ‘coming to your device soon’

A NEW reply feature is in the works for the WhatsApp messaging app, according to an expert.

WhatsApp has been heavily focused on developing new tools to improve user experience.


A new reply feature is in the works for the WhatsApp communication appCredit: Getty

Two of these tools include an improved link previewer and a way to see status updates right in your discussion list.

Now, however, an expert has discovered that WhatsApp is also developing a status reply indicator.

This feature allows WhatsApp users to see a different icon when the last chat message is a reply to a status update, according to WA Beta Info.

This may seem like a minor update, but it can be useful for users who want to quickly discern how a recipient is responding to their status.

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The feature will soon be available on the new beta update of WhatsApp Desktop, according to expert WA Beta Info.

It will also be accessible on the application via the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS.

As the tool is currently under development, WhatsApp may decide to remove it at any time.

This latest news came right after WhatsApp announced that it would stop supporting some older versions of iOS.

Specifically, this change will affect iPhone models running iOS 10 and iOS 11.

This means that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C will no longer be able to use the messaging service from October 24.

However, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S users will still be able to access the app provided their device is running on iOS 12 or later.

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WhatsApp said the change aims to more easily implement the app’s latest features.

The company explained that it will notify users before the change.

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