WhatsApp bids farewell to one of the features it launched during the pandemic

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It will not be necessary to remember what happened during the pandemic, in these first months of containment where video calling apps have become essential to continue working from home. This drove many companies into a wild race to see who was able to deliver the most participants. And WhatsApp was no exception. The idea that Facebook had was none other than, on the one hand, to extend the limit from four participants to eight and, in the case of users who needed more, to resort to Messenger rooms to increase this. limit to the average hundred. . In this way, WhatsApp could boast that it can host conversations with up to 50 participants. The rooms icon disappears Obviously one thing is that we have to talk to ten or 15 people and another that we choose WhatsApp to do it and this is where it looks like Facebook failed because just a year after this decision, the button to start these video calls via Messenger has disappeared. As you can see in the screenshot obtained from one of these beta versions of Android. For now, if you go to WhatsApp on your mobile with iOS or Android, you will continue to have this control available to create new conversations but everything seems to indicate that in a next update it will be lost forever, surely, because its success has been quite rare and from the social network it has been possible to verify that very few users have taken the step of trusting Messenger for these group video calls. Another option is for Facebook to not give up on this and look for a way to power these video communications for 50 people of WhatsApp from a very different point of view that could lead to bigger changes, or a relocation that allows users to understand what they can do with the “Room” button that we have right now on our devices. Keep in mind that as it is currently developed, it is not clear that this control is used to make a group video call, not least because it is hosted in the same location from which we send photos. , videos, files or location in real time. Something that doesn’t seem to make sense if we look above and see that the voice and video calling options are clearly visible. We’ll see, anyway, what decision the folks at Facebook make. >

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