WhatsApp adds reaction emoji and better misinformation controls

WhatsApp is introducing some arguably overdue messaging and calling features, including one that could reduce the spread of misinformation. For starters, WhatsApp is adding reaction emoji to help people share their thoughts without cluttering chats. You’ll also find support for larger voice calls of up to 32 people, and you’ll be able to share files up to 2GB to help collaborate on projects.

More importantly, group admins will have the power to delete messages. While this can help with simple tasks like cleaning up accidental posts or occasional insults, it could be particularly useful in limiting misinformation in areas where misrepresentations are sometimes spread through group chats. This will depend on attentive and willing administrators, of course.

The promised features are expected in the “coming weeks” and are coming alongside community upgrades that include announcement messages. These are catch-up features in some ways, but they could easily be appreciated if you thrive on WhatsApp and are reluctant to upgrade to some much-needed features.

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