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The Viber app, which recently hit 1 billion downloads on the Play Store, has just delivered self-destructive messages to groups on the platform. The function allows users to give a maximum period for viewing submissions, with a maximum duration of up to


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  • Previously, the feature was only available for one-on-one conversations, so it’s far from unheard of, even for Viber. If enabled, the user can limit the visibility of a message to ten seconds, one minute, one hour, or


    But Viber takes it one step further: Self-destructing submissions also can’t be copied, forwarded, or saved to a print – and if that happens, group members will be notified. The feature also applies to posts containing media, so photos, videos, and stickers may have the same limited availability.

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    How to use self-destruct messages in Viber

    To put the duration into action, the user must select the timer directly from the icons below the text entry field. Whenever the timer is activated, all participants in the conversation can see that the content is limited in duration.

    Self-destruct messaging is one of the most common features among the best mobile messaging apps. Telegram has had the feature for a long time, while WhatsApp implemented it a few months ago – and, in the latter, there are no restrictions on prints and copies.

    Viber’s latest update started reaching users on October 5 – and that’s where the increment for self-destructing messages should be. To download, you need to search for pending downloads for Viber on the App Store and Play Store.

    Source: iPlus

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