The Braid’s Zoom Fall Party show Welcome Back (ish) kicks off a new season of performances and surprises

As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to change color, people yearn to get back to their normal pre-COVID lives and traditions. One of the most anticipated of these is always the fall party that The Braid hosts every year. This celebration announces the organization’s plans for the coming year. The event will be full of new stories, favorite actors and writers, and great surprises. Thanks to Zoom, everyone, everywhere, can be there to share the excitement.

The Braid Fall Party will feature a brand new show, Welcome Back (ish), performed by an excellent cast that includes two of The Braid’s most beloved artists, Monique piper (Not so Jewish) and Joshua Silverstein.

Tickets start at $ 10 for students, $ 36 for general admission, and a special Angel Ticket package, which includes a preview of rehearsals and 20 raffle tickets, for $ 100. Raffle tickets start at $ 3 for $ 10, with hundreds of dollars in prize money for Amazon, Apple, and Williams-Sonoma gift cards. To purchase and for more information visit:

Braid’s Zoom audiences will be treated to a program of new stories that explore what it means to “come back”. Viewers will meet a ‘COVID agoraphobe’ who ventures to the movies for the first time in 16 months and finds out he forgot his movie label, might in fact miss his pandemic routines and is probably not quite ready to return to normal.

They will hear about an older single mom who tells a fun story about awakening passion after years of focusing on motherhood.

A young woman “half-black and half-Jewish” recounts how she discovered her heritage with the help of an encounter with a virulent anti-Semite. To her surprise, the encounter inspires her to return to Judaism.

Another woman finds that her 93-year-old mother has suffered from isolation from the pandemic, “losing her words.” Together, they learn the importance of conversation after two years of silence. Another story takes audiences into the world of a homebound cook whose kitchen is filled with the voices and wisdom of her female ancestors as she cooks her chicken soup, matzoh dumplings, and rugelach.

Welcome Back (ish) features new stories written and performed by Monique piper and Joshua Silverstein, as well as original works by Courtenay Edelhart, Suzanna Kaplan, Marissa Tiamfook Gee, Shawn Goodman and award-winning writer Susan Baskin. The cast includes Nadège August, Lisa Cirincione and Kate Zentall, with songs performed by Andrew Fromer, deputy artistic director of The Braid, and Tali Green, a student at USC, who is also The Braid’s new social media specialist. Susan morgenstern, The Braid’s production manager, runs the show.

“The stories are absolutely relevant to this particular moment in our lives and our shared experiences, so the material is very fresh and exciting,” says Morgenstern. “And it’s always a pleasure to put together a different set of our Braid actors, each of whom can move you to tears or make you scream with laughter.”

Lynne Himelstein, co-chair of this year’s Fall Party, said: “This year we are delighted to be able to welcome not only our local friends and supporters, but also the many friends we have made across the country and throughout the world. the world.

Co-chair Gail Israel adds, “We have created an exciting program for our guests, including a new performance focused on returning to love, family, community. And for the first time, we will have a Special Zoom. – raffle. “

Two other features of the Fall Party will be the honor of the new founding members of The Braid of the Legacy Society and the induction of new artist-in-residence of Abby Freeman. The latter program honors excellence in artistic talent and recognizes the commitment to the ideals of The Braid’s first employee, Abby Freeman, who died of breast cancer at the age of 37.

Abby Freeman’s New Artist-in-Residence Are Actors Brie Eley, Kimberly Green, Niloo Khodadadeh, Heidi Mendez, Pontea (actor / composer) and Rick Zieff; writers Courtenay Edelhart, Marissa Tiamfook Gee, Robin Uriel Russin, Ruth Behar, Betty Goldstein, Barbara Mujica, Chef Rossi and Libby Schwartz; and director Amanda Horowitz.

For four years in a row, The Braid has been voted one of the Westside’s best live theaters in The Argonaut’s annual awards competition and won The Santa Monica Daily Press award for “Most Loved” in the theater category. live. It features stories, works of art and other inspiring Jewish programs that highlight Jewish contributions to contemporary life. Now entering its 14th season, The Braid’s show-theater, comprised of original dramatic performances, each written on a specific theme, showcases the diverse and eclectic community of writers, artists and creators who celebrate Jewish life, a history at a time.

Learn more about The Braid and purchase tickets for the Fall Party and Welcome Back (ish) premiere at:

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