The best ways to troubleshoot audio issues in Zoom meetings. Consult the guides

Like the new normal life demands that everything be moved away. Zoom has become the most popular video conferencing and calling platform. As you may have experienced, scheduling your meetings is more frequent and necessary. But what will be the point if the audio is not audible at all. There are several ways to troubleshoot audio issues in Zoom meetings. Check out the guide below.

Check your microphone before joining a meeting:

Zoom allows you to test your microphone before joining a meeting. Make sure you have set the settings to automatically join through computer audio. Likewise, you can test your audio speakers and also test your mics. Here’s the guide to testing your audio before joining a meeting.

  • When you join a video conference, a page appears with two options: Join Computer Audio and Test Speakers and Microphone.
  • Click Test Speakers and Microphone.
  • In a pop-up window, you will see the option to test your speakers> Do you want to hear a ringtone hit yes.
  • If you can’t hear any sound, change the speakers.
  • Now Zoom will ask for the Speak and pause> Make sure the microphone is audible.
  • You can now join the meeting.

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Check the advanced audio settings:

Check the advanced audio settings:Another step you can do if you are having audio issues during your Zoom meeting is to go to advanced audio settings. Basically, these advanced settings are meant to reduce background noise and improve audio. But it is also designed to correct poor sound or any audio problem in Zoom. Follow below to resolve audio issue.

  • On the zoom screen> Click the half arrow on mute.
  • Go to audio settings> Check if the background noise removal is automatic.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap Advanced.
  • In the options, click the half arrow> Check if it is on auto.

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Update your computer’s audio driver:

Update your computer's audio driver:The audio problem in your Zoom meeting could also be with your computer’s audio driver. It is very likely that your computer’s audio driver is outdated and not compatible with the Zoom meeting audio settings. So updating the audio driver may resolve the issue of audio issues in Zoom. Read the steps below to check the audio driver.

  • Right click on the Window icon.
  • And select Device Manager.
  • Click on Sound Video and on Game Controllers using the half arrow next to it.
  • Use the right click again and from the opening page> Update driver.
  • Now go to the Zoom meeting to check the audio after updating the audio driver.

You can always restart your computer and check if that fixes the problem.

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