Sophia Mirza’s daughters ‘live happily with their father’ in Dubai

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LONDON: The twin daughters of actress and model Sophia Mirza have said they are living in Dubai with their father Umar Farooq Zahoor happily and of their own free will and their mother’s claims are false that they are being held against their will .

15-year-old twin sisters Zainab Umar and Zunairah Umar have spoken out after Sophia Mirza held a press conference, demanding the reinstatement of her two daughters from Dubai-based Pakistani Norwegian Farooq Zahoor, who is the Goodwill Ambassador from Liberia to Pakistan and Southeast Asia.

Sophia Mirza, 42, held the press conference after Geo News revealed in an investigation that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), on the instructions of Shehzad Akbar, the former accountability czar, had targeted Umar Farooq Zahoor on a complaint from Sophia Mirza who had filed a complaint against her ex -husband under the name of Khushbakht Mirza, without revealing that she was filing a complaint against her ex-husband.

The FIA ​​then investigated and issued Interpol red arrest warrants against Zahoor in three cases, which were already closed for lack of evidence, including a case in which the NAB cleared him.

Photo: Courtesy of our correspondent
Photo: Courtesy of our correspondent

The teenage twins denied the claims of their mother Khushbakht Mirza (known in the showbiz industry as Sophia Mirza) at a press conference, pointing out that the model is holding media interviews to gain publicity.

They said their mother, rather than visiting them, had taken to social media platforms and had for several years ‘publicly uploaded documents and made statements’ to indicate that her two daughters had been forcibly restrained by Umar Zahoor against their will.

They said their mother’s actions had “ruined” their peace of mind and harmed their mental and psychological health because media-related material was available to everyone.

Both sisters have indicated in their affidavits that they are prepared to record their statements via Skype or any other electronic mode to ensure that they make the statements without any coercion.

Court documents reveal that Umar Farooq Zahoor repeatedly offered to the court that he was willing to arrange a meeting of Khushbakht Mirza with Zainab Umar and Zunairah Umar in addition to covering Mirza’s travel and accommodation expenses for his visit and stay in the United Arab Emirates.

In response to an order dated March 2013 from the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Zahoor paid Mirza 1,000,000 rupees to help her financially travel to the United Arab Emirates and meet her daughters.

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