“Sabotage of the Belarusian workforce.” Authorities threaten employees of recruitment agencies

Sample photo. Belarusian metallurgical plant. Photo: BelSteelWorks / Facebook

Belsat has learned of an unusual case. One of the employees of the Polish employment agencies, who actively helped Belarusians to leave the Lukashenka regime, received a call from the Belarusian police and was prohibited from helping his compatriots to look for work in abroad.

“It’s Belarus, baby”

An employee of a Polish agency, looking for workers for large companies, was actively recruiting Belarusians. The reasons were simple: he himself was from Belarus, so it was easier to look for compatriots to work in Polish factories and warehouses. But it wasn’t that easy.

After the agency employee left an ad to find employees in one of the diaspora discussion boards, he received a call from the authorities via Viber. They said they knew everything and warned they could accuse him of “sabotaging labor to go abroad.”

“My Viber phone number is linked to my Belarusian passport. That’s probably how they understood it, ”explains the man, who agreed to speak to Belsat on condition of anonymity. “It’s Belarus, baby.”

There is no article in Belarusian labor and criminal codes on labor sabotage to go abroad. The law also does not provide for liability for work outside Belarus.

According to the Immigration Office, in April 2021, around 30,000 Belarusians lived in Poland.


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