Police warn of WhatsApp scam

Police want to warn people to beware of a WhatsApp scam circulating in the

In this case, scammers use WhatsApp to impersonate family members or friends
in difficulty and in particular need of money. This type of scam has evolved
fraudsters posing as a bank, the police or a government agency.

Victims of this scam received a message from an unknown number claiming
being a loved one who just lost their phone and got it replaced.

The scammer then attempts to obtain the victim’s credit card information.

These types of scams happen all the time and although most people do not respond or
buy them, some people are more vulnerable.

We urge people to have conversations with vulnerable or elderly families
members, to ensure they are aware of the tactics often used by scammers
and do not become victims.

Remember that a bank, the police or a government agency will never
contact you out of the blue and ask for your password, credit card or bank

The message from the police about scams like this is simple: don’t contact anyone
over the phone, and if you think you’ve been scammed, report the incident

If you have doubts about someone’s legitimacy, ask if you can call them
return, or if they claim to be a family member or friend, ask them for a
personal question – e.g. date of birth, maiden name, name of pet
or the name of a sibling.

Anyone who believes they are the victim of a scam, in person, on the phone or
online, must immediately report it to their bank, then to their

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