Perth councilor throws tantrum during council’s Zoom call

Exasperated, the mayor told Cr Bradley he was acting like a child.

“It’s really another office exercise. I don’t think we need it,” she said.

Cr Bradley refused requests to turn off his microphone and continued his tirade, going so far as to turn his light on and off.

Mayor Shannon said it was a case of serious disorder.

On Tuesday, Cr Bradley said he had already banged on his table when he claimed to have been ignored. This time he was upset because he didn’t feel the meeting was going well. He was being asked to vote on something he hadn’t had a chance to review.

“So I get a little angry,” he said.

“And it was all on Zoom. And it’s all recorded on YouTube, so everyone can read and see it. Well, I got angry. And so I started. Boom, boom, boom on the desk.

He said when the mayor suggested that his microphone be turned off, he wasn’t happy.

“So if you asked the staff to turn me off, I’m like oh okay, turn me off, I’ll turn the light on and off and see if that makes you happy,” he said.

His behavior was intended to show that he disagreed with the way the case was being handled.

“It’s really, really wrong. And we shouldn’t be doing it. And that’s what I was saying,” Bradley said of not having time to make an informed decision.

He didn’t regret his actions because they had brought attention to the issue he was raising.

Video is another example of the pitfalls of Zoom meetings. In February 2021, a judge in West Texas warned people attending hearings via Zoom to always check filters before logging on.

The warning came after a lawyer accidentally joined a video hearing using a Zoom filter that made him appear like a fluffy white kitten.

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