Now Zoom helps us go shopping

Shane Lenton, chief information officer at Cue Clothing, one of Brauz’s earliest customers, said the technology had enabled the womenswear retailer to improve conversion rates by 60% and increase the price by fivefold. average order value.

“Initially the staff didn’t see how it would work, but once they saw some of the stats, they all wanted to be a part of it,” Lenton said. “Sales have exceeded $ 5,000 on some of these calls. “

“Customers often take the pieces they like from their own closet [to show the stylist or sales assistant]”said Mr. Lenton.

Virtual appointments allow customers to connect to stores for a personal shopping experience.

Brauz founder and CEO Lee Hardham said the collaboration with Zoom was a natural progression for the company, which launched in 2013 to bridge the gap between digital and physical purchases and help retailers convert more online browsers into clients. Online conversion remains low, averaging 2% worldwide, despite the boom in online shopping.

“[Zoom] saw what we had in the market and it was a natural fit and flew from there, ”Mr. Hardham said.

Brauz has engaged retailers such as Cue and Veronica Maine, Forever New, Jo Mercer, Dion Lee and Nike, and is in talks with retailers ranging from single store operators to department stores.

Mr Hardham sees video commerce opportunities in industries such as car showrooms, resorts and hotels, construction, real estate and banking – “wherever people want to connect in a way. transparent by video “.

After raising $ 2 million in seed funding, Brauz plans to raise between $ 5 million and $ 10 million in a Series A round to fund expansion in Australia and overseas.

Mr Lenton said commerce through video is likely to grow even after the COVID-19 threat has been mitigated and borders reopened.

“This is something we were looking at in Cue before COVID-19,” he said. “Consumer behavior has changed… people want the ability to browse something wherever they are and have a richer experience than a pure online experience.

“It’s really important to bring the physical and digital world closer together and provide more convenience for customers… what Brauz and Zoom have brought to the market is a new way of shopping that is here to stay.”

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