NFT Scams at the European Unicorn Factory: The Sifted Podcast

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Each week, Sifted Editor-in-Chief Amy Lewin and Associate Editor Eleanor Warnock bring their sweet tones to your airwaves with the latest news from Startup Europe and the Sifted Newsroom.

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Here’s what you missed from the last six episodes:

Episode 5 | Toxicity claims at Glovo: How ‘good vibes’ turned into ‘nightmare’

We love Eleanor – but this week we had the honor of having a very special guest in her absence: journalist-turned-VP of strategy for grocery delivery startup Zapp, Steve O’Hear , who made his name at TechCrunch where he was a tech reporter. for more than 10 years.

We talk about family, the most famous in France — become sadly famous? — incubator including co-founder Oussama Ammar was accused of embezzling €3 million.

Our Iberian correspondent (and podcast producer) Tim Smith talks about his reporting on toxic work claims at Spanish food delivery superstar Glovo. The allegations include ruthless management styles, rampant and poor decision-making, and low employee morale and mental health.

Finally, we discuss the relationship between journalists and tech companies — and the explosive tweet that started the conversation.

Listen now:

Episode 6 | The metaverse sector actually makes money

In episode six, we talk to journalist Freya Pratty about all things CO2 – from carbon capture to accounting – and asks: is it really possible to clean our air with machines?

Maija Palmer also talks about a dark horse metaverse app that opened VC wallets, and we discuss one of the biggest issues facing the tech industry today: can you grow a delicious breakfast in a lab?

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Episode 7 | NFT brothers lose thousands on monkey scams

“I would say probably 70% of NFT users are ready to scam,” says Franck Bossi, a French YouTuber who has run a channel called NFT WatchDog for over a year.

But how do scams work?

In episode seven, we talk to writer Éanna Kelly about the wacky world of NFT scams.

We also call German correspondent Miriam Partington, who talks about diversifying the investment landscape and the new German tech startups everyone wants to work for.

Listen now:

Episode 8 | VC Horror Stories

In episode eight, we have a guest host – subdued writer Éanna Kelly – who keeps the podcast host’s chair warm in Amy’s absence.

We dive into the week’s juicy investing news, including new funds for college spinouts and Spanish deeptech.

We also chat with Sifted co-founder John Thornhill about what it’s like to be an older entrepreneur after publishing his lessons from founding Sifted in the Financial Times.

Finally, we talk to our journalist Kai Nicol-Schwarz about second-hand fashion markets and VC Horror Stories. The latter is not to be missed, with everything from discrimination and missed dates to arrogance and ghosting.

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Episode 9 | Fintech targeting… sailors?

For Episode 9, Amy calls from Riga to tell us about the Latvian startups she met at TechChill – turns out wind turbine repair robots are big business. We also discuss the latest startup news, including the Opening of the “world’s largest facility” for cow-free milk and increased sewing on demand app Sojo.

Fintech journalist Amy O’Brien then joins us to talk about the latest wave of fintechs targeting underserved communitiesincluding migrants, international workers and… seafarers.

Finally, Amy (Lewin – not O’Brien) interviews Nord Security co-founder and co-CEO Tom Okman about his recent mammoth $100 million raise.

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Episode 10 | Wise, Bolt and Skype: How Estonia Produces Unicorns

For Episode 10, we’re live at our very first Sifted Sessions event in Tallinn, Estonia!

We learn how a small country in the Baltics created global companies like Skype and Wise. Amy is joined on stage by Sifted journalist Anisah Osman Britton, president of the Estonian Founders’ Society Kaidi Ruusalepp and founder of the sustainable investment platform Grünfin Triin Hertmann.

And stay tuned for potential future live episodes of The Sifted Podcast, as we host our in-person Sessions events across Europe this year.

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