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With the pandemic disruption almost over, for many companies it is time to revise the business plans of a year and a half ago, adjust, and start getting back to normal. This normality is different for each company, whether it is a start-up opening its first store, an SME seeking to establish itself outside its regional clientele or a larger company entering new areas. new countries.

Whatever the goal, communicating with customers in a convenient location is essential to building a valued relationship that is not purely transactional. Omnichannel strategies have become essential in ensuring that you provide each customer with their preferred method of interacting with your business. We know the favorites – text, voice, WhatsApp, email – but Viber, a global calling and messaging app used by over a billion consumers, is one of those places where customers are now clamoring for more. interaction on the part of companies.

Comes Mitto, a leading global omnichannel communication solution provider, with a recent expansion of its robust platform to include Viber Business messaging capabilities. With Viber Business, Mitto offers businesses another channel to increase regional and global reach, conduct meaningful conversations and connect with customers wherever they are.

Main characteristics

  • Viber solution available in Mitto’s built-in UI tools, including Campaign Manager and Conversations, or through API for personalized user experiences that leverage the notifications and alerts channel throughout the customer journey
  • Viber offers rich content, ideal for developing e-commerce brands
  • This channel joins the long list of solutions provided by Mitto – from the best SMS activation in the industry to WhatsApp, voice, Google Business, Facebook Messenger, and more.
  • Mitto ensures that every business, large or small, anywhere in the world, whether it has the technology or not, can take advantage of these person-to-person application channels to increase customer engagement.

Untapped market

The integration with Viber provides a huge opportunity for businesses, as reports from the messaging platform itself show that their customers want to interact with businesses on the platform. According to Viber, 90% of its consumers want to use messaging to contact businesses, and more than half are more likely to buy from a business they can contact through a messaging app.

In addition, 96% of messages are read within three minutes on mobile devices. This figure means that with over 1 billion users in 193 countries and more than 7 million user interactions every minute, Viber offers businesses a great way to interact with their users across the world and d ‘attract new customers.

Mitto customers can take advantage of Viber Business features such as text, images, files, and call-to-action buttons in commercial messages and chatbots. Thanks to API integrations and Mitto dashboards, these features are made possible and improve customer journeys through marketing, finance and support.

Asked about the expansion of Mitto’s channel offerings, William Jones, Head of Product Marketing at Mitto, said: “We understand the need for broad communication channels. That’s why we strive to make every A2P channel available to our customers.

“SMS, WhatsApp, Google Business, Voice, Viber, RCS, Instagram, FB Messenger – the list goes on. In today’s hyper-digital world, the means to communicate are almost limitless, so why limit your activity? “


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