Microsoft Teams Gets Top Hit Feature to Improve Search Capabilities

Microsoft Teams has nearly 250 million monthly active users.

Microsoft is constantly updating its Teams platform to compete with its counterparts, such as Zoom and Google Meet, in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Microsoft Teams gets a new “top hit” feature in search to deliver “the most relevant results for people, chats, files, and more.” At the Microsoft forum265, the company announced that this feature will be rolled out in September. Desktop client for Windows and Mac computers. The best hits are still in development and changes may be made to the final version upon release. Microsoft explains that this feature improves detection and reduces search time. The most relevant results on chats, files, users and other content stored or shared on the platform.

Microsoft updates team A platform to constantly compete with counterparts such as Zoom and Google Meat. Microsoft will also be adding a team of preinstalled versions of the upcoming Windows 11 operating system. In addition, the software giant has slowly made changes to Skype viewers and ultimately closed its doors. Microsoft recently announced the Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform Have nearly 250 million Monthly active users as a culture of telecommuting and hybrid work continue to be popular around the world among coronaviruses. The team added that it is also popular among smartphone users, as the phone client (for Android and iOS) has around 80 million monthly active users.

In another Microsoft news, Announced by the company Development of a new “focus session” feature in Windows 11, which seems to be inspired by the “Pomodoro” time management method. This technique basically divides the work into intervals via a timer. Each interval is called a pomodoro. While some third-party apps can help you manage your time, Microsoft now offers native support even for integration with Spotify. This development was featured in a Twitter post by Panos Panay, Head of Windows and Devices at Microsoft. The Focus Session feature is not yet available in Public Insider Preview. Besides Spotify integration, the company’s cloud-based task management application Microsoft To-Do is also directly supported.

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Microsoft Teams Gets Top Hit Feature to Improve Search Capabilities

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