Microsoft Edge users can now use Skype without plug-ins

Microsoft has launched a preview of free Skype calls for Microsoft Edge users. This means that users will not have to download Skype or any associated plugins to use the video calling platform. This feature will be available on Skype for the web,, Office Online, and OneDrive. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, this preview is part of a phased rollout, and all users are expected to have access to the feature by April 2022.

Why was this preview made possible?

Microsoft Edge only supported object real-time communications (ORTC) last year, which is why this feature was just added. In fact, Microsoft had been planning to bring voice and video calling support to its browsers since 2014, but couldn’t do so because it was only able to support ORTCs last year. Interestingly, if this had been done in time, the feature would have been available on Internet Explorer and we probably would have seen the browser make a comeback.

Since this is a preview, it can be assumed that the brand still wants to test the functionality and get rid of any functionality issues before launching a global launch. Microsoft has also said it is ready to bring the feature to other browsers, but is waiting for Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox to receive the H.264 video codec.

How to use the Skype plug-in

“To keep it simple: If you’re calling from Microsoft Edge, ask the person you’re calling to upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Windows or Mac, or use Skype for web on Microsoft Edge,” Microsoft said when he was asked which feature is available to use. Once the feature sees a larger deployment, it should be easier to use.

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