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HYDERABAD: The TRS, which has mainly focused on running the government and improving conditions in the state over the past seven years, has also decided to pay special attention to the organizational structure of the party, has said sitting TRS chairman KT Rama Rao. Saturday. “We will focus on both the government and the party,” the IT minister said.

Speaking to the media in Telangana Bhavan ahead of the TRS plenary, Rama Rao said that in order to strengthen the party and garner public support, leaders would hold cluster-level meetings with beneficiaries of government programs.

“We are planning to organize Adabiddalato Aatmeeya Sammelanam with the beneficiaries of Kalyana Lakshmi and Rytulato Aatmeeya Sammalenam with the state farmers,” the minister said. He said about 63 Lakh farmers are enjoying the benefits of Rythu Bandhu and 8,000 crore has been disbursed under the Kalyana Lakshmi program.

Rama Rao pointed out that around 75 to 80 percent of the state’s population had benefited from one government program or another. “Even the central government is drawing inspiration from Telangana to implement similar programs across the country,” he said.

The TRS working chairman said Telangana’s separate journey began with some critics voicing doubts about the viability or not of a separate state. “But over the past seven years we’ve been doing extremely well. Per capita income has doubled. The population of Telangana relative to the country is 2.5%, but its contribution to the country’s GDP is 5%. We are hitting over our weight, ”said Rama Rao. The villages and towns of Telangana are much better than those of Gujarat, he added.

Speaking to reporters after inspecting the plenary arrangements in Hitex, Rama Rao alleged that “gods” had infiltrated Gandhi Bhavan. He pointed out that former Punjabi chief minister Amarinder Singh alleged that the congressional leadership gave top priority to those leaders, who have links to the RSS.


The minister alleged that opposition leaders paid a few independent candidates to file papers in Huzurabad. “It’s all just a ploy. They want independents to choose any symbol similar to the symbol of the TRS car, ”said Rama Rao. He recalled that in the legislative elections of 2018, the TRS had lost in Nakrekal, where an independent with the symbol of the truck had obtained 13,000 votes. “Likewise, in Asifabad, TRS lost by 180 votes, because of a roti maker symbol. Also in Dubbaka, TRS lost around 1,000 votes due to the same roti maker symbol, which got 3,400 votes, ”he said.


When asked if the state would reduce VAT on gasoline and diesel, Rama Rao wondered if the government should lower taxes while the Modi government increased prices. “When the price of home gas recharging went up during the UPA government, Modi wanted people to vote after they hailed the gas cylinder. We are now telling voters what Modi told them in the past, ”he said.


Asked about the role of TRS chairman K Chandrasekhar Rao in national politics, Rama Rao said there would be time and room for everything. “We had proposed a Federal Front in the past. But blind hatred against a national party should not be the basis of the union of regional parties. The TRS can oppose a national party in the state. Another regional party in other states may oppose another national party, ”he said.


Rama Rao said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was set to be re-elected TRS party chairman on Monday. The next assembly elections would be held under the leadership of KCR and he would return to being chief minister, he said.

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