Jeffrey Toobin Zoom Video Leak, What Really Happened?

Megyn Kelly has slammed Jeffrey Toobin’s now infamous Zoom case, saying he should be fired for exposing himself on work Zoom calls. She made the comments on Friday’s podcast ‘The Meghan Kelly Show,’ which features writer Malcolm Gladwell as a guest.

In November, Toobin was fired from The New Yorker after he was involved in an alleged incident where he entertained himself on camera during a Zoom conference call. Toobin claimed he thought the cameras were off and apologized. However, the magazine let him go and CNN put him on leave to become a legal analyst. The cable network brought it back in June.

Gladwell appeared on Kelly’s podcast to express his displeasure at Toobin’s firing. Describing himself as an “explanation junkie”, Gladwell said he could understand if he decided to do something that might go against his personal morals and morals, just give him an explanation. He said if Condé Nast had the right to fire Toobin, “you have to give a reason.”

For Gladwell, Toobin’s years of “good quality work” should have played a part in his decision, “and it really bothers me that they didn’t say why”.

“They can’t say why. It’s up to them to spell it,” Gladwell said.

“I think it’s as clear as the nose on your face,” Kelly points out. “Or if you really want to take her to Toobin Country, you can go further south.”

“I’m one of those people who thinks there’s a clear moral difference between intentional and unintentional behavior,” Gladwell said, “and I tend to be more tolerant,” whereas Toobin’s actions were ” completely involuntary”.

“It makes a big difference,” he added.

“Maybe,” Kelly replied. “I heard it was probably intentional because it was so reckless that it was possible he could take advantage of it – I know he was against it – but he could actually be what a exhibitionist wanted.”

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