Inside This Morning’s secret Whatsapp group and what Holly Willoughby posts to co-stars, revealed by Dr Ranj

The crew of The This Morning are a lively bunch on screen – so imagine the antics they pull off behind the scenes.

Dr Ranj Singh, 37, has revealed the ITV crew are a close-knit ‘family’ away from the cameras and have plenty of banter on his own Whatsapp group.


Dr Ranj Singh has revealed This Morning’s team has a secret Whatsapp group1 credit
Holly Willoughby often asks the resident doctor about her children's health


Holly Willoughby often asks the resident doctor about her children’s health1 credit

The resident doctor said he regularly receives fashion advice from Gok Wan and presenter Holly Willoughby, 41, often asks about her children’s health.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Ranj said: “It’s like choosing a favorite child, we have a Whatsapp group, I love them all.

“It’s like a family Whatsapp group where we ask each other for advice.

“I get fashion advice from Gok, we get cooking advice, Bryony gives us makeup advice, obviously me and Zoe give medical advice and Sharon shares all the soap operas.

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“Holly [Willoughby] messages me about advice on children, children have all kinds of coughs and colds that parents are worried about.

“It’s really nice that we have this relationship off the show where we can just ask each other anything and message each other.”

Dr Ranj also opened up about the shock incident last month when he was robbed on his way home from the 2022 Brit Awards.

He admitted it made him more wary of fans approaching him now, saying he was on guard.

“It was interesting, it was after an event that I was out walking to a taxi, basically someone stole my watch,” he explained.

“Really strange, someone came up to me and I thought they were asking for help.

“So your natural reaction is to listen he went to shake my hand and hold my hand and thought okay that’s kinda weird and before I knew it my watch was gone .

The medical professional said he regretted pursuing the individual – but was relieved it wasn’t much worse.

“I noticed it too late because it was too fast and you don’t expect it to happen,” the TV star said.

“It could have been a lot worse and I did the silly thing where I chased him and you should never do that because my brother told me it’s a honey trap sometimes, where they’ll do something something that will get you somewhere and it can be so much worse.

“I tried and then I gave up, it made me more careful and careful, especially in London.

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“I grew up to feel pretty safe and I think it’s just a reminder in places where you feel safe, you let your guard down.”

He added: “It made me smarter and a bit more wary, what’s nice is that people come and say hello and your natural reaction is to greet them, I think I just fell into the sign.”

Dr Ranj spoke about the theft last month


Dr Ranj spoke about the theft last monthCredit: Getty

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