Implosion at ZBC as CEO bans employees from using WhatsApp groups

By Staff Reporter

WORKERS at loss-making state broadcaster, ZBC, are taking a stand against chief executive (CEO) Adelaide Chikunguru over a host of grievances including a pay rise and Covid-19 benefit delays.

ZBC sources say they have tried to meet Chikunguru since her controversial appointment as CEO in June last year, but she avoided them.

The sources said things took a turn for the worse after she ordered all Whatsapp groups linked to ZBC to be shut down on Friday last week, alleging they were being used to leak confidential company information.

“She has ordered all ZBC Whatsapp groups disbanded as she alleges employees were leaking internal communications to the press and social media influencers,” said one employee who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisal.

“ZBC had three groups that employees engaged in to discuss work-related issues as well as their social issues. They were also helpful in communication between employees and the works council. We have also used them to raise funds to help each other out in times of need, say someone loses a family member,” the source said.

“The ban was communicated verbally at a works council meeting held on Friday. She ordered those groups to be disbanded and their leaders have since complied,” the source added.

“The order comes against the backdrop of a letter that has gone viral on social media regarding the March salary delay and controversy surrounding the purchase of 33 Nissan Navara vehicles that has been leaked to the press,” the company added. source.

Chikunguru denied the claims when contacted by on Saturday.

“I don’t think that’s right. Are you sure you speak to ZBC employees? I doubt your sources, madam, and I also doubt your intentions,” Chikunguru said.

But unbeknownst to him, screenshots of messages confirming the ban had already been shared with

“Good evening everyone. Note that we have been instructed to disband all ZBC Application Groups with immediate effect, so we are only implementing this as is,” an admin of one of the groups informed.

“We are writing to the authorities that we will physically address you on Monday to give you feedback on today’s works council. Further instructions clarifying the position of the application groups will come thank you. This applies equally to all the groups of applications, whether sectoral or regional, when they concern employees of the referenced company. Please be guided accordingly”, added the administrator.

ZBC workers also said they were seeking a hearing with Chikunguru over their US$75 monthly Covid-19 allowances which have not been paid for the past two months.

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