How to make phone calls from your laptop

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And then you pick up your phone to text or make a call and… No bar. Shit. Luckily, it’s easy to make calls from your laptop. Here’s how.

What do you need

To make calls from your laptop, you need a few things. A laptop, of course, as well as a reliable internet connection and a microphone. Headphones or earphones work just fine, but your laptop’s built-in mic can get the job done in no time.

A headset is a smart purchase if you plan to make a lot of calls from your computer. This affordable option from Cyber ​​Acoustics works well with PCs and tablets. Just make sure your device has a 3.5mm jack.

With a Mac, AirPods are hard to beat. Apple products work perfectly with each other. I use them often with my MacBook with no problem.

With your hardware sorted, it’s time to talk about software.

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Software options for making calls

If you have a Mac, FaceTime is free and easy to use. All you need is your computer and your iPhone connected.

Skype and Google Voice are great choices if you have a Windows PC. Both are free to download and allow free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calling. This means that if you call another computer, it’s free. Pleasant.

Unlike FaceTime, however, you may be charged if you call a phone number using these programs. Google Voice allows free calls to the United States

Tap or click here for instructions on setting up a Google Voice number and some tips to make your life easier.

Skype charges by the minute and international calls almost always cost money. The rates are much lower than most phone plans, but it’s best to make sure the person you’re calling also has Wi-Fi calling to keep things cheap or free. See pricing details here.

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How to make a call

To use the microphone of your headphones or earphones, first plug them into your computer or connect them via Bluetooth. Tap or click here to learn how to fix annoying Bluetooth pairing issues.

Now go to your computer’s system settings and find the Sound section. Find it To input tongue. This controls the microphone from which your computer picks up sound.

Select the “external microphone” option or the name of the headset/headphones that should appear in the entry list. You can usually test the microphone and make sure your computer picks it up on this screen.

With your microphone on, connect to your calling software. For FaceTime, this should involve opening the app. For Skype and Google Voice, enter your username and password.

Can’t enter your computer? Tap or click here to learn how to boost signal strength when your calls aren’t going through.

To call someone through your computer on FaceTime:

  • Open the FaceTime app. Click it New FaceTime buttonwhich looks like a camera.
  • Type the phone number, email address, or name in your contacts of the person you want to call.
  • Click the phone icon next to the number or name. Click the FaceTime button to

To call someone through your computer on Skype:

  • Open and sign in to Skype.
  • To start a free call with another Skype contact, select the contact, then choose audio Where video.
  • Remember that calling a mobile or landline number requires a Skype subscription or the purchase of Skype Credit.

To call someone through your computer on Google Voice:

  • Once you are logged in to to calls tongue. This is a phone icon.
  • Enter a name, if the person is in your contacts, or enter a phone number you want to call.
  • Click it Contact Name or the phone icon next to the number you entered to start the call.

There you go, it’s a simple way to make calls on your computer.

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