How to integrate Slack with Zoom

Learning how to integrate Slack and Zoom isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

As businesses continue to look forward to a new era of hybrid working, many are investing in multiple tools to keep employees connected and productive. Fortunately, if you don’t like the idea of ​​limiting yourself to just one communications and collaboration department, you’re in luck.

Innovators like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams are committed to keeping their technology as open and scalable as possible. In fact, Zoom and Slack even have a partnership in place. Collaboration means that while you enjoy using Slack for instant messaging, you can still take advantage of all the benefits of Zoom for video conferencing.

Here’s what you need to know about integrating Slack with Zoom

What do you need to integrate Slack and Zoom?

First, to connect Slack and Zoom, you’ll need an account with both services. Make sure you’ve signed up for the right set of services with both services, depending on what you need for your business. You can still integrate the services if you use the free service from Zoom.

Make sure you use the same email address to sign up for Zoom and Slack. If your Zoom account is linked to another email address, you will have trouble setting up the connection. You will also need to think about your telephone service needs. If you want to make external calls with Zoom (rather than just set up meetings), you’ll need a Zoom Phone plan.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with the right resources to connect Zoom and Slack, sign in to Slack on the account of your choice. You’ll also need to sign in to Zoom and find Slack in the Zoom Marketplace.

Slack integration with Zoom

Once you’ve approved Zoom for your Slack account with a Zoom administrator account, go to the Zoom on the application page in the Slack app directory. Click the button that says “Add to Slack”, and when you’re transferred to the Zoom website, click “Add to Slack” again.


  • Click on To permit to grant Zoom access to your Slack accounts
  • Open your workspace in Slack and navigate to applications section in the left sidebar
  • Click on Zoom and select Allow zoom

Once you’ve integrated the Zoom app into a Slack workspace, everyone on your team will need to connect their Zoom account. To connect a Zoom account to Slack:

  • Click on applications in the left sidebar of Slack
  • Search Zoom and select it
  • Click on Allow zoom
  • Log into your Zoom account
  • Approve the Zoom app

How to use zoom in Slack

Once you’ve installed Zoom as an app in Slack and everyone on your team has signed in their Zoom account, the next step is to learn how to use Zoom. Since the two companies deepened their integration in 2019, there are a number of things you can do with Zoom in Slack, including:

  • Start a Zoom meeting directly from Slack with / zoom
  • Access to Outlook and synchronization of the Google calendar between the two applications
  • Use Zoom as the default app for calls
  • Setting up Zoom meetings with agenda information
  • Launch Zoom meetings with a specific topic, personal meeting ID, etc.

To start a meeting in Slack with Zoom, all you need to do is sign in to your Slack workplace (the one integrated with your Zoom account), then open the Slack window or the channel you want to make a call on. From any conversation, you can click the lightning bolt icon on the left side of the text field to open your shortcut menu.

Search for / zoom to add the slash command to your message field, or just type / zoom and send the message. Everyone in your channel or direct message will be invited to join a Zoom meeting. All they need to do is hit the “join” button to get started.

Users who want to access a meeting on Zoom will need to use the meeting ID of the Zoom conversation. Type / zoom join in your search field and send a message to enter your membership request. You will then see a message field asking for your Meeting ID or Zoom link.

At the end of the meeting, the Zoom app will send the channel a notification with details of who attended the meeting, its duration, etc. If you’ve enabled cloud recording, you can also get a link to recording here.

Make calls with Slack and Zoom Phone

Slack and Zoom integration also includes Zoom Phone functionality. To make a call, you will need a Zoom Phone plan. You can either start a call by searching the light bolt menu for the zoom shortcut / call, or by entering it directly into your search box.

In your chat window, type / zoom call [@contact/number]. You don’t need any brackets there, just the phone number or who you want to contact. If someone has more than one number attached to their profile, you will need to choose one from a menu that appears when you request to make the call.

Press Enter to initiate the call.

You can even set Zoom as the default calling app for Slack. To do this, you will need to follow the steps above to install Zoom and integrate it into your workspace, following the steps shared above. Go to your Slack workspace and click on the name of your workspace, then head to Settings and administration. To choose Workspace settings.

Scroll down to find Calls then press the Develop button. Here you should see the option of allow video calls in Slack, with the option to choose Zoom as the default application. Uncheck the box for Slack to act as your calling setup and click Save.

Slack and Zoom integration

That’s it, that’s all you need to know about connecting Zoom and Slack for your team. You can now use Slack to send messages and share files, while taking advantage of all the benefits of Zoom as a leading video conferencing tool.

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