How to add a personal note to your chat profile on Zoom

Zoom lets you add a personal note to your chat profile that will appear for everyone to read. Here’s how.

Tired of your colleagues asking you why you didn’t return their Zoom calls and messages after your lunch break or brainstorming session? There is a solution to this.

You can set a personal note on your profile to let them know when you’re busy or away. Want to know how? Keep reading this article to learn how to add a personal note to your Zoom profile.


Zoom lets you add a personal note to your profile

You can add a personalized note to your Zoom profile to convey a message to your colleagues and contacts. Are you stepping away from your computer for a while or taking the time to get things done? Add a personal note to your profile to let them know. You can also use Zoom’s Focus Mode feature to limit distractions while working on a task or attending a meeting.

Your personal note will appear at the top of your Zoom profile for anyone who can view your profile. It will also be seen by anyone writing a message to you. It will stay on as long as you want and you can change it as often as needed. You can also use Zoom’s personal note feature to add your time zone or the hours you’re available to work if you work with people around the world.

What you add to your note is entirely up to you. The feature is available if you’re using Zoom on Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS. Want to spice up your Zoom meetings? Check out more of Zoom’s best features here.

How to add a personal note to your profile on Zoom

Open the Zoom app and click on your Profile icon. Now click on the Set a personal note text bar below your email address. This will open a new window. Write your message in the space provided. It can be a temporary or permanent message, depending on what you want to say.

If you want your personal note to appear above the message compose box whenever someone messages you or tags you in a message, check the box below your personal note. Finally, choose the duration of display of your personal note on your profile by clicking on the drop-down menu below Display time.

You can choose to have your message last between an hour and an eternity. You can also define your own time slot by clicking on Custom. When you’re done, click to safeguard. Your personal note will now be displayed on your Zoom profile.

Personalize your Zoom profile with a personalized note

There are many ways to personalize your Zoom experience. Adding a personal note is an example. Use it to convey important information to your contacts and colleagues if necessary. Alternatively, give them (and yourself) encouragement with a daily or weekly inspirational message.

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