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Kolkata: University authorities grapple with new problem after campuses reopen. Fake notices are circulating on official WhatsApp groups and student Telegram channels with fake signatures from official signatories of the institutions, either asking for money for college sanitation or asking for help for the disease. ‘a teacher or a principal, or even to spread rumors. as the college was reopened to all compulsory students.
Several school principals forwarded these bogus notices to the cops and even filed official complaints after such notices created panic among the students and many of them even ended up paying the money.
Such incidents have also been reported in district colleges.
Asutosh College informed the Kolkata Police Cyber ​​Police Station of a fake notice circulating on the WhatsApp group of students demanding money for university sanitation. The notice was printed on a fake notepad with college details and a forged signature and stamp.
“The college has not issued any notice requiring money for campus remediation. The college bears all expenses related to disinfection and other safety protocols. It was an attempt to defame the college. We have already informed Cyber ​​Crime PS and forwarded the details, ”said Apurba Ray, deputy director of the college.
Campuses only partially reopened after the pandemic and only a section of students were called in for in-person classes or lab work. But at a college in North Kolkata, a WhatsApp notice forging the signature and stamp of the authorized signatory said all students must attend classes because attendance is required. “I have not yet lodged an official complaint but forwarded the false notice to the local police station,” said the director, who declined to be named.
Since the pandemic, schools and colleges have faced the problem of fake posters in student groups causing panic among students and their parents. Previously, these bogus reviews were limited to the routine review, but principals say these bogus reviews are now disrupting their operation.
Someone created a fake profile of the principal of Hijli College in Kharagpur and started asking the contacts for money masquerading as the principal. A complaint was lodged with the district cybercrime unit. “I filed a complaint. The person who created the fake account was asking the contacts for money, ”said Asis Kumar Dandapat, director of the college.
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