Focus on privacy and restaurant food prices

Source: Bloomberg, 01:24:36

Bloomberg Baystate Company

With Tom Moroney, Joe Shortsleeve, Kim Carrigan Anne Mostue and Janet Wu


Bloomberg’s Matthew Boyle talks about employers easing their return-to-work plans.

Bloomberg’s Leslie Patton talks about national pizza chains like Papa John’s and Domino’s raising prices due to inflation.

Rachelle Cohen, the Boston Globe’s editorial page editor, talks about a new Boston Globe op-ed calling for tax relief.

Bloomberg’s Julia Fanzeres tells us about falling fuel stocks.

Annue Mostue interviews Richard Pops, CEO of Alkermes, which develops drugs in the fields of neuroscience and oncology.

Blomberg’s Prashant Gopal tells us about rising mortgage rates.

Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal tells us about cryptocurrency devaluation.

Filmark Hospitality Group’s Philip Frattaroli talks to us about playoff games at TD Garden and the impact on business, as well as outdoor dining.

We also chat with North End restaurant owner Damien DiPaola about al fresco dining.

We talk to Bloomberg’s Brody Ford about Zoom‘s new AI tool that has privacy advocates worried.

Mazrco DiDomizo, owner of the Candleberry Inn in Brewster, talks about being named the best Inn in the United States by TripAdvisor.

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