Five new features that may be available soon

WhatsApp is developing a variety of features for Android and iOS. The company revealed that the functionality of missing messages will be improved, along with a “Show once” option. It is also expected that the calling feature would be added to the web version of WhatsApp.

Disappearance mode

WhatsApp already has a Disappearing Messages feature, which it is now trying to extend. In an interview with WaBetaInfo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp will offer a disappearance mode, which will allow you to enable disappearance of messages on all threads.

Show once feature

Zuckerberg also revealed that WhatsApp intends to offer a “view once” feature that would allow users to exchange media such as pictures and movies that can only be viewed once.

Support for multiple devices

The company has been testing cross-device compatibility for months and has now confirmed that it will be available soon. According to WaBetaInfo, the support will go into public beta “within a month or two.”

Missed group calls

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a feature that will let you join missed group calls. In simpler terms, if you are invited to join a group call but are unable to do so at that time, you will have the option to join later if the call is not yet finished.

WhatsApp Read later

Finally, according to WaBetaInfo, the Facebook-owned company is working on a “Read Later” feature. The feature will replace the existing functionality of archived chats and will not restore archived chats to the top of the mail app.

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