Dutchman on trial for ‘sextortion’ of Port Coquitlam teenager

The Crown is trying to link an extradited Dutchman to pseudonyms used to harass the Port Coquitlam teenager ‘with child pornography of her that he knowingly possessed’.

The Crown closed its case this morning (Tuesday) in the ‘sextortion’ case involving Port Coquitlam student Amanda Todd.

And, during the eighth week of the trial at the Supreme Court of British Columbia in New Westminster, defense attorney Joe Saulnier told Judge Martha Devlin and the jury that he would not be calling evidence in prosecution of his client, Aydin Coban.

At the start of the Crown’s closing arguments, prosecutor Kristen LeNoble offered the jury a roadmap that she says will link Coban to 22 online aliases used to harass, exploit and lure the teenager “with pornography juvenile of her that he knowingly possessed”. ”

Coban of the Netherlands is charged with five counts:

  • extortion
  • import and distribute child pornography
  • possession of child pornography
  • communicate with the intention of attracting a child
  • stalking

None of the allegations are proven in court; Coban denied the charges.

LeNoble said the Crown’s theory – as presented by 30 witnesses, including nine experts from around the world, and 80 exhibits – is that the digital messages sent by the fake aliases to Todd, as well as his friends and to her family, about her “lead her to fear for her safety.


In the Crown’s closing speech, LeNoble laid out the timeline in which the offenses would have occurred.

The first encounter was in November 2009, when Todd was 12, through a Facebook account user named Daimon Luci. In the message, which included a video URL of Todd, he demanded that Todd give him his Skype address “or I’ll send this video to the whole Todd family.”

“Don’t delete this account or I’ll send it instantly. I’ve saved them all really so useless. Give me your Skype and go ahead,” Luci orders her.

About a month later, the Crown told the jury, Todd received a Skype message from a user named marzattack1, who again threatened to expose him to family, peers and the local newspaper with the publication of a video of her.

Todd was also attracted to a Facebook user named Tomas Coco Pops and a Skype user named zackzoof whose purpose was to “gather content about Amanda Todd,” make sexual references and lower her inhibitions, LeNoble alleged.

The “sledgehammer” came in December 2010, LeNoble told the court, when Todd received messages from users named whatsthisman11 (YouTube), toddtit (Skype), Alice Mcallister (Facebook) and Kody Maxson (Facebook).

The last two users then distributed child pornography to Todd’s family and friends, as well as his school in Maple Ridge, on December 22, 2010, according to the Crown.

LeNoble said the evidence shows overlapping messages between Todd and some of the account’s users – meaning the communication is happening at the same time – as well as references to names on his social media platforms. .

In a message with toddtit, Todd, who went by the name cutiielover, asks the user to give him the video of her showing her tits.

“What should I do so that you don’t show anyone?” she asks.

“Once a week, we just do some fun stuff on camera, that’s all” before the posts became more demanding for its intimate content, LeNoble said.

On YouTube, whatsthisman11 wrote to Todd: “Look at camwhore, pretty nice man. Are you gonna do what you said or I’ll screw up your life, you got that bitch?” and order 10 shows.

LeNoble said Alice Mcallister sent 16 messages with the motherless.com link to Todd’s family and friends, posing as a freelance employee of an online child protection agency.

“There are videos and photos of Amanda [Todd] showing herself naked and doing very sexual things in front of hundreds of guys on BlogTV and TinyChat, Skype, MSN, etc.”

On Dec. 23, 2010, LeNoble said, a Facebook account registered in Kody Maxson’s name sent a similar message — with video links — to 99 Facebook users, 28 of whom were Todd’s family and friends.

And while some people defended her, including one who called her a “creep”, other friends online “continued to harass Amanda Todd” who feared “for her own psychological and emotional safety”, LeNoble said.

The trial continues.

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