Do you have 2 smartphones? This WhatsApp trick will blow your mind

For the first time, WhatsApp will soon allow you to connect your second smartphone to the same account. Here’s how it will work.

WhatsApp has always had issues when it comes to multiple device connectivity. However, recently WhatsApp introduced a new cross-device update which solved the issue to a large extent for both Android and iOS smartphones. The multi-device feature lets you access WhatsApp on multiple devices even when there is no internet connectivity on the primary device, which is the phone. However, there is still a problem because WhatsApp does not allow you to use your account on a second smartphone, it works for desktop or web version of WhatsApp. But it looks like things are about to change for WhatsApp users!

According to a new report from WhatsApp update tracker WaBetaInfo, the company is currently working on other major improvements. The blog mentioned that “A second multi-device version was already planned last year, and we finally have new details today: WhatsApp is now working on a suitable section where to link another mobile device!”

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Yes! You will be able to link your 2nd smartphone to the WhatsApp account

According to the WaBetaInfo update, there will be a separate new section in the app called “Register device as a companion”. The blog shared a screenshot that shows a “To use WhatsApp on another device” option. This suggests that the feature will show up when trying to open WhatsApp on a secondary mobile device. In this way, you can also decide to link your WhatsApp account in order to use it on another device.

The screenshot also draws attention to the steps to connect another smartphone to your main WhatsApp account. You will need to point your primary smartphone at the screen of the secondary device in order to link them by scanning the QR Code. Once the process is complete, you will finally be able to use your WhatsApp account on another phone.

The blog also mentioned that “with this feature, you can also pair an Android tablet as a secondary device in the future.” However, the release date of this new multi-smartphone WhatsApp feature is still unknown as the process is under development. More information on the feature is still awaited.

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