Disembodied, God invented Zoom

It’s so much easier to be in each other’s presence than
it was before God, which I now presume presumptively, perhaps unforgivable,
was the unpatented inventor of what I’m a big fan of,
presented by Him, helping us to be present when He is absent, using Zoom.

Thanks to Zoom, all humans are God-enabled
play on each other the same trick He has played on us for centuries,
pretending to be present when He really is not, His cripple,
disembodied presence taken up by all humans in their households zoomed in on the times.

God, this reasoning I’m postulating for Zoom is like the cause
that Weiss-Halivni postulated for the Holocaust, claiming that it was the op-
place of revelation, a disaster in which God retreats
Himself, revealing his absence from that most malevolent monstrous malaprop.

David Berger concludes his obituary of Rabbi David Weiss-Halivni in The New York Times, July 7, 2022:
Professor Halvini’s 2007 book argued that the Holocaust revealed that God had decided to let humanity make its own choices without his interference.
Professor Halivni was considered a theologian and in 2007 he published “Breaking the Tablets: Jewish Theology After the Shoah”. In this book, he added a second revelation to the traditional Mount Sinai revelation: the Auschwitz revelation.

While the revelation at Sinai crowned God’s singular devotion to the Jews, he posited, Auschwitz marked God’s withdrawal from intervening in human affairs. He rejected those who tried to rationalize the Holocaust as punishment for the sins of the Jews. God, he said, had already decided to let mankind make their own choices without his interference.

“It is a revelation of the absence of the divine,” he said, “a revelation of the possibility of the absence of God from the world.”

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