Companion Mode is Coming to WhatsApp: What We Know So Far

WhatsApp recently started rolling out the multi-device feature which allows users to access the platform on multiple devices even if there is no connectivity on the primary device. Users can link a single WhatsApp account with up to four other devices. However, the feature does not allow you to use your WhatsApp account on another smartphone. Now, the Facebook-owned platform plans to expand the functionality of cross-device functionality with a new companion mode. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been testing the new mode for Apple iOS and Android smartphones for some time. Here’s what it is and how it works.
What is WhatsApp Companion Mode
Companion Mode allows users to link their primary smartphone to a WhatsApp account on another smartphone. Switching to companion mode will sign you out of your WhatsApp account on your primary device, however.
According to the screenshot shared in the report, pairing your WhatsApp account with another smartphone will also erase all locally stored WhatsApp data, including your messages and media. It should be noted that the operation will have no impact on WhatsApp data stored on Google Drive or iCloud.
Since the feature is currently under development, there are not many details available on the difference between the feature and the app recording on another smartphone. The feature can also help users migrate from Android to iOS smartphones.
How WhatsApp’s Companion Mode Can Work
As in previous reports, users will be able to see a new “Save device as a companion” section, under the multi-device feature. The report also suggests that you may be able to pair your other smartphone by pointing your primary device at the secondary device’s screen to scan the QR code and authenticate the link.

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