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PANAJI: With an increase in cybercrime cases in the state, Goa Police on Sunday urged people not to respond to unidentified messages on WhatsApp without confirming the authenticity of such accounts. They also urged people to promptly notify the police upon receiving such a message.
Referring to numerous reported cases across the country of disbelievers posing as esteemed political representatives and senior government officials by putting pictures downloaded from the internet as their profile pictures on fake WhatsApp accounts, cybercriminal SP Nidhin Valsan said, “Citing urgency and other such reasons, these miscreants are trying to trick people into transferring money through several means, including gift cards.
Suspects located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and Darjeeling and West Bengal have been identified and are being questioned in cases of impersonation of WhatsApp accounts of public officials and senior government officials, as reported by the police station Ribandar’s computer.
“The public is advised to remain vigilant when receiving messages requesting money or gift cards from ‘accounts’ of respected public officials and government officials. As a precautionary measure, the Goa Police urge everyone not to reply to such messages without confirming the authenticity of these accounts. Upon receipt of such a message, please notify the police at the earliest,” Valsan said.


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