Brinc Finance Launches Invitation-Only Spearhead Program, Offering Airdrops, Community Rewards, Bug Bounties, and More

The Brinc Token (BRC) is a next generation challenge cryptocurrency launched in May 2021.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Effective immediately, members of the crypto community can visit Brinc Finance at register for exclusive access at Brinc Spearhead Program, the closed beta of Brinc dAPP who launches into April.” This invitation-only program is designed to reward Brinc Community for helping to build a better Brinc.

Brinc Finance Launches Invitation-Only Spearhead Program, Offering Airdrops, Community Rewards, Bug Bounties, and More

the Brinc Spearhead Program will just give around a hundred early adopters (spearheads) the possibility of winning Brinc Governance Tokens (BRCG) by collecting community awards, gain value bug bounties because they help to refine the Brinc dApp, lucrative fundraising staking rewards, and win airdrops to accomplish unique challenges and tasks. To register and have the chance to be a Spearhead, visit de lance to find out more about the program and to submit your application.

“Brinc is powered by our community,” says co-founder Shawn silverman, “and we are delighted to give them the opportunity to earn rewards being part of this launch so they can help us build a better Brinc. “

the BRC Token (BRC) is an alternative to fiat-anchored stablecoins for use in decentralized financial applications. Offering a challenge solution that is created, owned and ruled through smart contracts and the community, BRC deliver a on chain, backed by a reserve challenge token with an intrinsic value that provides Multi-level ROI to token holders. Brinc distributes value to its token holders by transferring a portion of transaction fees and interest income in addition to rewarding its community with governance tokens. BRC spear May 2021 and is a compelling new cryptocurrency that justifies its price tag.

About Brinc Finance

Brinc Finance is a decentralized team located in Seoul, San Francisco, and Los Angeles which creates revolutionary applications for the challenge space. The Brinc Token (BRC) is a next-generation cryptocurrency that combines high return on investment, transparency, liquidity, and intrinsic value to deliver a cutting-edge, community-powered value-added token.

To find out more visit, Follow us on Twitter or join us on Discord.


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