Back 4 Blood: How to turn off voice chat

There’s a lot going on during a game of Back 4 Blood, so it can be helpful to limit distractions. Players can do this by turning off voice chat.

Back 4 Blood, is a fast paced game with lots of sights and sounds to watch out for. It can be a bit chaotic at times, and being able to focus can make or break a race. This is even more true in Back 4 BloodPvP Swarm Mode. That being said, additional noise can make it much more difficult.

Not only do you have to worry about in-game sounds, but teaming up with random or loud friends can often lead to a voice chat channel filled with loud calls and frustrated screams. Obviously, this is not conducive to a good gaming experience. Often, the distraction of voice chat can overcome the advantages of having teammates to make calls, and can make it much more difficult to react in high-index environments. high octane of the game, even if you have the best Back 4 Blood to build.

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There’s an easy way to silence Random or turn off in-game chat when you’re already listening to the group on Discord or Skype. Fortunately, this is fairly straightforward and can be done quickly in-game if a previously tame lobby becomes rowdy for a while. Back 4 Blood meet.

How to turn off voice chat in Back 4 Blood

Disable voice chat in Back 4 Blood is easily done via the in-game menu. The steps appear below:

  • From the main menu or from the game’s Esc menu, select Options
  • Click it audio tongue
  • Scroll to VOIP Settings
  • Slide Voice volume to zero

Once done, no in-game voice conversations will be audible. It can be canceled by returning the voice volume to the desired level. Players with text-to-speech enabled may need to turn it off first if they want to disable in-game voice chat. The option can be found under Accessibility in the Gameplay menu.

If the goal is also to mute the microphone, players should just make sure “Talk Mode” is set to “Push to Talk,” then avoid using the push-to-talk hotkey. This key combination is set to the T default key.

If the goal is just to calm the band down, turning the volume down a bit without turning it off completely is another easy way to make sure important calls are still audible without causing a headache. This can serve as a solid middle ground when playing with random teammates who may just have a more sensitive microphone but aren’t deliberately obnoxious in voice chat.

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Back 4 Blood is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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