Attention.. Beware of this Whatsapp message..?

Warning..! Beware of this WhatsApp message..! ?

Online fraud cases are increasing rapidly. Day after day, many cases of fraud come to light in the name of bank fraud and KYC renewal. There is also said to be an increase in instances of fraudulent use of the MTNL name and logo on customers. Delhi Police said on Tuesday they had warned mobile customers not to fall prey to messages about KYC updates on WhatsApp. This applies to all mobile users in the state. Learn about this new scam.

Police said on Twitter that MTNL does not perform KYC verification on WhatsApp and does not respond to such fraudulent messages. The police said ‘Dear customer, your MTNL, Aadhaar and e-KYC SIM card has been temporarily suspended. Your SIM card will be blocked in 24 hours, call immediately.’ : Be vigilant if you receive a message like this.” Delhi Police have warned of this, asking everyone to be careful! Cyber ​​fraud is done using the name and logo of Mtnl. Fraud cases are on the rise. Fraudsters send messages to mobile customers asking them to update their KYC on WhatsApp. They get confidential information about this excuse. Delhi police have called on people not to share their personal details and click on the verification link if they receive such messages.

Police officials said no one should download a suspicious app. Police also said that in cases of such cybercrime, victims should report to 1930 or the nearest cyberpolice station.

The technology has as many advantages as disadvantages. Therefore, it is very important to be very careful in its use. This too, one has to be very careful in banking transactions and related activities. Otherwise, we risk suffering and losing our hard-earned money.

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