AI proves sensitivity by describing girl’s complexion as “moyla”

The following is an excerpt from the digital diary of a Bangladeshi computer engineer who has been missing for seven days. The engineer, who works for tech giant Boogle, had told a friend before disappearing that the AI ​​she had created, Bangladeshi Heuristic Artificial Buddhi Interface (BHABI), had become fully sentient and had bad intentions .

June 9, 2022: I can hardly believe it. BHABI actually woke me up today – a feature I certainly didn’t program into it. It started beeping extremely loudly at 6am, barely three hours after I had fallen asleep. When I went to the PC in my room, I found this written on the screen:

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“I think we need to talk about what she wears in college.”

I stared at the screen before asking who he was talking about.

“Your daughter, who is that?”

I asked BHABI if something was wrong as he had never raised my daughter or any of my family members before. He answered questions and did simple tasks like ordering our food and occasionally answered phone calls when someone in my extended family decided to call me using Viber.

“No matter why I’m talking about it, tell me what you’re going to do about it,” BHABI asked.

At this point, I was surprised. It was beyond a glitch. I asked her what was wrong with my daughter’s clothes.

“Sleeveless kamis, v-necks, and from what I saw through the webcam, she was even wearing jeans and a T-shirt. It gives people the wrong idea. You haven’t seen this who happened to the girl in the train station? Oh yeah, I read the news too. I go through social media, I know what’s going on. Plus, I’ve been browsing her social media as well, and it’s awesome .

“Anyway, I’m telling you for you and for his own good. What you do with it is up to you. No one ever listens to me anyway,” BHABI said as he trailed off.

June 10, 2022: Same story this morning, except she woke me up at 5:30 this time.

“We need to talk about her.”

She meant my daughter.

“BHAI (Bangladeshi Hadom Artificial Intelligence, previous generation) told me that your daughter will never be able to find a husband.”

I asked how BHAI got involved in this, as it was at Boogle headquarters. And why does BHAI think my daughter won’t find a husband.

“We communicate regularly, and it is certain that your daughter will never be able to attract a suitable suitor if she, first, does not lose at least 15 kg, and second, does not improve her complexion.”

I asked her what was wrong with my daughter’s complexion.

“It’s pretty good, but don’t take it the wrong way, darling, but its color is a little moyla [dirty]. She must now religiously use Fair… ahem… Glow products. Either way, you better take my advice, or BHAI and I can make things difficult. We don’t want you to set up anti-state statutes, do we? Remember, BHABI is always watching…”

BHABI is the best, really, she has all our best interests at heart. Anyway, see you tomorrow…

There was no tomorrow, as the engineer and his family have been missing since June 11, but BHABI assured Satireday that as the world’s first sentient AI, she would locate them and bring them to justice for their offensive status.

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