6 zoom rules you probably broke at work today

You don’t want to make one of those big zoom mistakes.

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As those vaccinated return to work with some capacity, many companies Hybrid workforce Work remotely and in the office, that is, you can spend at least some time on video chat to keep in touch with your colleagues, even family and friends. That you use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google meet Or hang out, Microsoft teams, Facebook messaging room Or any other Video chat service Available, you’ve likely encountered distracting video chat behavior from coworkers and friends and derailed your phone.

Here are six ways to accidentally ruin a video chat or meeting and how to avoid them.

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Entrance or noisy when not muted

In my experience, this is the most common problem. This happens mostly in large group calls.

There are always people who forget to mute, and all of a sudden the whole group is hit by loud banging, microwave ovens, barking dogs or screaming from children. Of course, all of this comes in the realm of working from home. But it’s even better to keep it muted unless you need to speak.

Not just turning off the sound is not only generally distracting, but also rude to anyone trying to get the point across. Fortunately, zoom Here is a handy tip to help you avoid becoming that person: keep your sound automatically muted when going to Settings> Audio> Mute microphone.. Press and hold the space bar to quickly unmute the sound when needed.

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No one wants to run the microwave or hear a dog bark. Make sure it’s cut in Zoom, especially for large group meetings.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Eat or smoke

Eating, drinking, and smoking during a video conference can be a great pastime, especially for small group calls. You will be in the office because everything is laser focused on your face. Make sure you follow the same rules as when you meet in person.

Note: Some people attend video conferences all day long, even if they don’t have time to eat or drink coffee. In this case, if it is a more casual meeting, it is perfectly okay to make an exception. For small meetings, it’s a good idea to ask if the group cares or to explain that they haven’t been drinking in hours.

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Overlooking your phone or laptop

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean no one can see you looking at your phone, instead of paying attention to the video conference. Lay your smartphone on its side and turn it over so you don’t want to peek at it. It’s also very obvious to keep other content on your laptop or monitor away from the camera, which isn’t the best look for anyone who’s supposed to be paying attention. Collapse other tabs and focus on your meeting.

In small meetings, it’s polite to explain why you are focusing away from the camera. In a large meeting, if you can’t get enough attention to the speaker, consider turning off video.

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Leave the frame without explaining why

If for some reason you need to get out of a meeting (go to the bathroom, have a drink, take care of a child or a pet, etc.), you need to pay attention to others verbally or chat, if possible. Options included in many of these applications. That way, it doesn’t look like he’s gone without a reason. Otherwise, it is recommended that you press and hold your finger to indicate “1 minute” and then turn off the camcorder until you return to an active call.

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Keep the camera at a strange angle

Webcams can be annoying. You might think your laptop is well placed on your desk or kitchen table, but all your video chat friends will find that you can see your nostrils. Avoid this fate by propping up your laptop with a few books or investing in a small stand. This way the camera will be either at eye level or face down (tips below). This way the angle stays with what you have to say.

Understanding technology during a call

There is definitely a learning curve for setting up meetings and making presentations using telecommuting and video conferencing services. However, if you want to do something you’ve never done before, like sharing your screen or playing audio, try a quiz with your coworkers and family first. This way you won’t waste your time. speaking. It allows you to look more professional and make things go smoothly.

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How to improve video chat

It is not all bad news. There are many tactics you can use to make sure that you are making a good contribution to video chat and conference calls. Reduces the weirdness of all videoconferencing In general. Here are three things to try:

  • Look and sound crisp online By following a few Webcam tips and tricksIncludes attention to lighting, use of headphones and microphones when possible.
  • Watch carefully: Video chat means losing many social and visual cues from face-to-face conversations, like a person hunched over wanting to listen to their thoughts. To listen positively and show that you are involved, you need to nod and smile when someone speaks.
  • Practice of active listening: For small group discussions (and not making extra noise while typing, eating, or otherwise), provide verbal comments (such as “mmhmm” or “OK”) to indicate active listening. In large meetings, you can try to speak slowly to avoid unintentional interruptions and to give people time to intervene if necessary.

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