5 objects to frame during a Zoom interview to send a message

Virtual interviews can be incredibly stressful, mainly because they allow hiring managers to gain insight into our personalities and private lives. While most people find virtual interviews more convenient than in-person interviews, they can also make some feel vulnerable by letting potential employers into their homes, personal lives, and creative spaces.

Here is a list of things to keep in virtual job interviews that can help take the pressure off your next interview.

A real background

The most important factor in your Zoom meeting is your experience. Besides your basic hygiene and presentation, it is highly recommended – for a job interview, at least – to have a real background behind you. As much as adding an underwater theme to your Zoom calls can be fun, a virtual job interview isn’t the best time to use one.

A person’s workspace can say a lot about them. The basic clues in your space can help a hiring manager make a potential hiring decision. While having a clean space is great, having a blank background can make the interviewer feel like you have something to hide. Work with what you have, whether it’s an office, a quiet room in your living space, or a patio. Any of these are great settings for conducting a virtual interview. Also, make sure you feel comfortable in your space – you will be more relaxed during your interview.

Subtle sky blue

Maybe preparations for the Zoom interviews should start with the same traditional English rhyme that recommends what a bride should wear to her wedding: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something new. blue.

Not only does having a lucky charm with you (borrowed or old) help bring a sense of calm to any interaction, bright light, clean lines, and a hint of blue could do you good.

Many people use blue in their brand to convey a sense of trustworthiness, honesty and self-assurance. It seems to come from the calm people feel when looking at the color blue.

“This color is true to its appearance,” the India time wrote. “Peaceful, calm and gentle, blue has tremendous stress management power. It is a very calming color that helps calm your mind, slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and reduce anxiety. Blue is believed to have a cooling and astringent effect.

In a nutshell, blue is heartwarming and seems to promote positive feelings in the person who sees it.


While book titles are rarely visible when in the frame during a Zoom call, the presence of books and continuing education materials can make a candidate look good in a virtual job interview. .

Built-in books can help a hiring manager see that you have some interest in reading. Books – or better, a library – suggest that you are smart and serious. If the interviewer asks about the books behind you – or your favorite author – you can potentially have that material in the frame to point to.

If the interviewer can see the titles and authors on your books in the frame, you may want to select books that have a direct impact or benefit the position you are applying for.

For example, if you are vying for a position in marketing, grab a few SEO books to place behind you in the frame. If you happen to find out if the CEO interviewing you has a favorite author or book, it might be helpful to have that book or a book by that author in the frame, just in case.

Books – fiction or non-fiction – can be a testament to your level of empathy.

They allow you to immerse yourself in it to escape and learn about others and ways of doing things.

People with libraries, large or small, are looking for more than just an average amount of information, and this can be an encouraging sign for a hiring manager.


From a distance, plants are an amazing way to spruce up your space in the frame during your interview. (Yes, pun intended.)

The greenery allows anyone you meet to see that you have basic grooming skills, enjoy clean air, and love nature. Plants are great conversation pieces – maybe you like to bring the outdoors indoors because you prefer to be indoors? Plants simply elevate the space they are in.

With that said, be sure to buy plants that bring you absolute joy.

If you don’t like the hard, thick, upright leaves of a snake plant, then don’t worry.

If you’re someone who can’t stick to a plant watering schedule, stick with cacti and succulents. Here’s a handy dandies guide to the best plants to keep in your office space, based on your zodiac sign. We love monsteras, living room palms, and creepers to frame the space.


Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in your space at night, lighting can be a key part of your maintenance. If the lighting in front of you in your workspace is dull, it can make you look like a shadow of yourself. You don’t need to have a ring light to hold meetings, but making sure there is quality lighting in the room and orienting it correctly, makes the experience more professional and could prepare you for the future. success. Bulbs and fixtures that cast yellow tinted light are not recommended for maintenance.

Any ambient lighting (eg, salt lamps, desk lamps, string lights, lanterns, light fixtures) built into the frame should coordinate with the decor of your office space. If the lighting makes the space less professional – we all have kitschy items lying around our homes – put them away for maintenance so they aren’t a distraction. The Penn State School of Public Policy has in fact a very good guide to the virtual interview process which involves suggestions for lighting specifications.

No matter what you do with your space, make sure it’s inviting and clutter-free. Try not to have any conflict between your clothing and the frame colors, and do what you can to ensure a positive viewing experience for everyone involved. After all, a first impression like this could land you in the job you covet.

Virtual interviews can be incredibly stressful, mainly because they allow hiring managers to gain insight into our personalities and our lives. While they are much more practical for the most part, there is an aspect of vulnerability to letting people enter your creative space. Prepare with items in the frame to take some of the pressure off your interview.

A real background

Let’s take a look at the most important factor in your zoom meeting first, although it might not necessarily be an element. Beyond your basic hygiene and presentation, it is strongly recommended – for an interview, at the very least – to have a real background behind you. Might as well adding an underwater theme to your calls might be, unfortunately, this is not the place to do it.

A person’s workspace can say a lot about them, and basic clues about your space could help the hiring manager make their decision later. While a clean space is certainly optimal, setting a blank background can also make the interviewer feel like you have something to hide. Working with what you have, an office, a quiet room in your living space, or even a patio would be a great setting for an interview. Make sure you feel comfortable in the space, as this will be reflected in the experience.

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