42% increase in engagement as FC Barcelona continue to lead the way on social media

FC Barcelona came close to surpassing 2,000 million social media engagements in the 2020/21 season. The final figure was 1,960 million, which means it was for the sixth consecutive year the club with the most likes, shares and comments of its posts. The 42% increase over the 2019/20 season has consolidated its position at the top of a ranking in which its closest competitors are. Manchester United (1,594 million), Liverpool (1314), real Madrid (1,129) and Chelsea (1047).

According to Blinker data, Barça has developed on each of the three major networks. The most important overall figure is for Instagram, which produced 1,571 million engagements (34% more than last season). The club’s rapid adaptation to new trends and new content formats helped here, with the club being the first in the world to get over a billion views of its videos in the platform’s hugely popular new reel format. form.

At Twitter, Barça is also the number one sports club, where it went from 96 million commitments last season to 137 million in 2020/21. Fenerbahçe (120) and Chelsea (100) are the only other clubs to reach six-figure numbers. But the most dramatic increase has been Facebook, 123%, which hoisted Barça to second place (252 million), now only exceeded by Manchester United (285).


Quality audiovisual content

Barça is also well placed on video-only channels (Youtube and TIC Tac). It remains the largest club among Youtube users, with 463 million video views in the past 12 months. After years in the lead, he is even further ahead now, with Liverpool (317), Manchester United (312) and Chelsea (276) some distance away despite premier league clubs were allowed to post match highlights on their channels, something The league clubs can’t due to rights issues.


TIC Tac is the service of choice for millennials, and Barca have registered 1,011% more views this season compared to the previous one. That’s 400 million views, only topped by PSG (463). All of this happened alongside the creation of the club’s own subscription-based audiovisual platform, Barça TV +, which offers premium long-format content, as well as live broadcasts of women’s and junior football and other sports.

Community of 400 million

These increases in engagement and views came in a season in which FC Barcelona surpassed 400 million followers on their social media accounts. The club’s overall vision is made evident by these numbers, as it is constantly setting new standards for digital sport and entertainment. Barça has the most followers on Facebook (136 million), closely followed by Instagram (118) and Twitter (71). But they are not only followers of large accounts, because the club also has specific services in areas such as women’s football, other sports, youth sport, Foundation, the Barça academy, Bihub, and others.

Apart from the big three, the club also has huge followers on Line (33 million), a particularly important channel in Asia; 12 million on YouTube (where Barça is the number one club), and nearly 10 million on TikTok. There are still 24 million on platforms like Viber and Snapchat, and on Chinese Weibo and Douyin. FC Barcelona are the most watched club in China, where the figure of 13.5 million exceeds both Chelsea and Manchester United.

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