4 Easy Ways to Uninstall Apps in Windows 10 or Windows 11

The Windows operating system incorporates a host of different applications, both built-in and from third-party vendors, that make using Windows systems easier.

However, all good things come to an end. Also, often users simply don’t need an app anymore. If you find yourself in such a place, it makes sense that you would want to get rid of those unused apps. And that’s what this short piece is about. In the following, we will explore different ways to uninstall your Windows applications. So let’s jump in.

1. Uninstall Windows apps from Settings

One of the most common components of our toolbox, the Settings menu is a central hub for modifying and applying different Windows configurations. Unsurprisingly, you can also use it to uninstall Windows apps. Here’s how:

  • Launch Windows Settings. Go to the The start menu search bar, type in “parameters” and select the best match.
  • Head toward Apps -> Apps & Features.
  • Choose the app you want to remove, right click on the menu and click Uninstall.

You will be prompted to confirm. Click on Uninstall again to continue. The Windows application will be uninstalled in seconds.

2. Uninstall Windows apps from the Start menu

Located in the lower right corner of your screen, the Start menu toolbar not only shows your important Windows files and folders, but also lets you uninstall apps from there.

The process is quite simple too. Here’s how you can remove your Windows apps:

  1. Click it To start up button and choose the app you want to remove.
  2. Right click on the app and click Uninstall.

uninstall windows app via start menu

3. Control Panel

Control Panel is a Windows program that allows you to manage various components and settings of your PC. Think about account setup, hardware management, and more. Interestingly, you can remove Windows applications using Control Panel. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Control Panel by going to The start menu search bar, typing “control panel” and selecting the best match.
  2. Click on Uninstall a program from below the Programs section.
  3. Choose the program you want to uninstall and double click on it.
  4. Click on Yes to proceed with the uninstallation.

uninstall windows applications via control panel

As soon as you do this, the uninstallation process will begin and the app will be removed within seconds.

4. Uninstall built-in Windows apps

While the methods above are fine for regular third-party apps, built-in Windows apps are a different beast. However, it is still possible to remove them using Windows PowerShell.

PowerShell is a free task automation tool from Microsoft that consists of a command-line shell and a scripting language. To uninstall built-in Windows apps with PowerShell, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the The start menu search bar, type “powershell” and run the WindowsPowerShell as administrator.
  2. Depending on the app you want to remove, type one of the following commands and tap Enter:

3D builder: Get-AppxPackage *3dbuilder* | Remove-AppxPackage

Alarms and Clock: Get-AppxPackage *windowsalarms* | Remove-AppxPackage

Calculator: Get-AppxPackage *windows calculator* | Remove-AppxPackage

Calendar and mail: Get-AppxPackage *windowscommunicationsapps* | Remove-AppxPackage

Camera: Get-AppxPackage *windowscamera* | Remove-AppxPackage

Get Office: Get-AppxPackage *officehub* | Remove-AppxPackage

Get Skype: Get-AppxPackage *skypeapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

To start: Get-AppxPackage *getstarted* | Remove-AppxPackage

GrooveMusic: Get-AppxPackage *zunemusic* | Remove-AppxPackage

Plans: Get-AppxPackage *windowsmaps* | Remove-AppxPackage

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Get-AppxPackage *solitairecollection* | Remove-AppxPackage

Money: Get-AppxPackage *bingfinance* | Remove-AppxPackage

Movies and TV: Get-AppxPackage *zunevideo* | Remove-AppxPackage

News: Get-AppxPackage *bingnews* | Remove-AppxPackage

A note: Get-AppxPackage *onenote* | Remove-AppxPackage

People: Get-AppxPackage *people* | Remove-AppxPackage

Phone Companion: Get-AppxPackage *windowsphone* | Remove-AppxPackage

Pictures: Get-AppxPackage *pictures* | Remove-AppxPackage

Shop: Get-AppxPackage *windowsstore* | Remove-AppxPackage

Sports: Get-AppxPackage *bingsports* | Remove-AppxPackage

Voice recorder: Get-AppxPackage *sound recorder* | Remove-AppxPackage

Time: Get-AppxPackage *bingweather* | Remove-AppxPackage

Xbox: Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

windows powershell

For example, in the example, we ran the command to remove the default XBox app that comes preinstalled with Windows. As soon as you run the command, the built-in Windows apps will be removed instantly.

Best Ways to Uninstall Windows Apps

This should help you remove any Windows apps that you no longer want to keep on your Windows. Hope you were able to get rid of as many apps as you wanted. But don’t lose hope if you couldn’t!

As a last resort, you can give third-party uninstallers a chance. These are, as you might have guessed, apps designed to uninstall other sticky apps that want to overtake their welcome. We suggest you give Revo Uninstaller A try.

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