10th West Bengal students write ‘Pushpa’ film dialogues, Whatsapp language in answer sheets

Superhit movies are now showing their effects on West Bengal class 10 (Madhyamik) exams. In a bizarre incident, a 10th grade student filled in his answer sheet with dialogue from the 2021 Telugu film, Pushpa: The Rise. Which went viral on social media, “Pushpa, Pushpa Raj, Apun Likhega Nahi”, scribbled on the paper. Someone wrote: ‘Dear Sumi, I don’t do much greetings and love. How did you “katale” (pass) confinement? Again someone wrote: ‘Hope you? I hope you’re okay? I want to share with you about…’.

At a glance, it might look like someone is chatting on WhatsApp. In fact, all of these sentences can be seen in the English exam answer sheet. The students wrote in English. But looking at the construction of the sentence, the examiner said, “Many candidates submitted blank answer sheets. Some wrote Rubbish. However, the most striking thing is the “WhatsApp language”.

An English teacher said that as many people write in mixed English-Bangla language on WhatsApp, some of the candidates wrote the responses in that language. “All nonsense. Interestingly, it was reported that the entire answer booklet had this scribbled dialogue, instead of real answers.

Scribbling in the exam book or drawing is nothing new. Examiners are also familiar with the pathetic art of writing “Please give passing marks” on the answer sheet. But they are afraid to read such language. Due to Covid there was no secondary exam last year. High school results were based on the internal assessment of the 9th and 10th grade sheets.

Examiners have already started checking the scripts. And they are amazed after reading the answer sheets of some candidates. As one of the examiners said, “I don’t understand the state of some students whether they are preparing for the exam or not!”

A large number of students have not had contact with studies because of the Coronavirus, observation by teachers. Examiners also believe that writing scribbles in answer sheets and drawings simply because students have detached themselves from textbooks for a long time. And thanks to e-learning, students now have smartphones in their hands. They are also becoming more addicted to WhatsApp. Its reflection can be seen in the answer sheet.

The headmaster of Moupal High School in Shalbani, West Midnapore, said: “The school has been closed for a long time and the education of the children has suffered greatly. Many have forgotten that exam answer sheets are not for texting or chatting. There you need to write at least one grammatically correct language. “

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