10 reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM

Finding the right customer relationship management (CRM) software to increase performance and productivity can be difficult. Sales and marketing software like Freshworks, Salesforce, and Zoho dominate the market. But choosing the right CRM software for your organization isn’t just about popularity.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Microsoft Dynamics 365. CRM software has three main functions: sales, customer service, and customer support. By giving you a 360-degree view of all your customers, it helps you manage your relationships.

Here are a few reasons why Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands out from the competition.

1. Transparent integrations

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics 365 easily integrates with other platforms that improve business processes and personal productivity. These platforms include Word, Excel, Outlook, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, and Power Apps.

These seamless integrations with the entire Office 365 suite provide unparalleled benefits. For example, you can switch to Outlook for email marketing, use Power BI for customer analysis, and SharePoint for teamwork and collaboration.

2. Actionable information

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Information Page

Microsoft Dynamics 365 addresses all of your reporting and analytics needs using Power BI, Cortana, Azure, and IoT apps. You can use these systems to perform tasks that require human intelligence. As information is power, these intelligent machines help you make smarter business decisions by analyzing vast amounts of data.

A common use case is real-time reporting of KPIs (key performance indicators). Using native dashboards, data visualization, and statistical analysis, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business processes.

3. Automate your processes

Automating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Triggering Process

In addition to built-in intelligence and advanced analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you perform repetitive manual tasks. You can use triggers for scheduled tasks such as email alerts, set rules for daily use workflows, or set criteria to qualify prospects.

For sales that are always managed by specific teams, you can set routes so that they are automatically directed to them when they are active.

4. Do business anywhere

Screenshot of the Dynamics 365 mobile app

Source: Microsoft

With the pandemic transforming corporate cultures into telecommuting, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a great solution for you to do business anywhere. You can sync the app with any device, including a tablet or mobile phone (Android, iOS, or Windows).

Therefore, you don’t need your computer to track sales performance as a consistent user experience, and all features are available on the go.

You can also receive help wherever your business is growing. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 operating in 40 countries and 41 languages, there will always be a Microsoft Partner knowledgeable in Microsoft Dynamics nearby.

To download: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ios | Android

5. Flexible pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Small and Medium Business Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform for business productivity. This means that you can pay for the services offered based on what you need and when you need them. Microsoft offers several pricing plans on a pay-per-user, per-month basis, so you can get started with what you need.

Each app is purchased individually, so you only pay for the utilities you plan to use. You can also add or remove users, as your business needs to make short or long term projects profitable.

6. Regular updates

You never have to worry about whether the features you use in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are up to date. With weekly updates and two new major releases each year, Microsoft Dynamics is constantly innovating and expanding the functionality of its functionality.

Since Microsoft invests a lot of resources in research and development, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an added benefit.

7. Manage relationships

relationship management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The main benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to bring all of your relationships inside and outside your business together on one platform. It can pull data from surveys, databases, email marketing, and websites, collecting large amounts of data on each customer. These can include tracking survey responses, the number of clicks, visits, likes and communities they are a part of.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also analyzes qualitative data such as customer sentiment, buying habits, and customer reviews, reporting the results to sales, marketing, and customer service teams, all on one platform. It gives you a single view of your customers across all your connected applications, allowing easy scalability to support your growth.

8. Improved sales productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates Microsoft’s productivity tools like Office 365, Skype for Business, and OneNote. These tools allow easy collaboration on a single platform for sales and marketing performance within the organization.

For example, sales teams can easily view available inventory while strategizing on sales forecasts based on open opportunities in the pipeline. Outlook’s functionality is even more interesting to contextualize discussion threads, automatically link them to commands and highlight KPIs within the same interface.

These features allow your employees to access all the data they need and make informed, data-driven decisions. Since the integrations are seamless, you can easily find everything on one platform, which improves efficiency and productivity.

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9. Marketing campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing campaigns

One of the best features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its marketing tools. With this tool, you can plan and budget all your campaigns. You can then post any promotional content you want to publicize. It also allows you to track traffic to your online campaigns.

Another tool that you will find beneficial for your marketing campaign is analysis and evaluation of return on investment (ROI). In terms of marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a lot of options that you can use. The key is to learn all of the options available to you and implement them correctly.

10. Unify your data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power BI tool to unify data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to integrate the application with your database. You can do this through an SQL connection which only allows read-only access to your database. You can then run all your queries directly in your databases. To do this, you will need the administrator credentials for an existing Dynamics 365 Online account.

You must have the latest hardware and software to support this integration. Additionally, you will need to download the integration software. Microsoft’s Power BI tool is an example of a tool you can use.

Grow your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect solution for your team. Whatever your CRM needs, you will find a package that will fit perfectly and make working with clients easier than ever.

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