10 behind-the-scenes facts only diehard fans know

Netflix Season 5 Somebody Feed Phil took Everybody loves Raymond designer Phil Rosenthal to sample lobster rolls in Maine, mole in Oaxaca and a variety of delicious food truck dishes in Portland. Before working on Somebody Feed Philthe actor and writer was the host of PBS’s I will have what Phil has which has a similar format. With news of a Season 6 renewal, according to Varietyfans can expect softer scenes of Phil visiting beautiful places and meeting inspiring people.

Watching every episode of this sweet and moving series, it’s hard not to wonder what filming the food documentary series is like. Viewers will want to know these interesting behind-the-scenes facts.


ten Ray Romano inspired the show

Ray Ramano and Patricia Heaton in Everbody Loves Raymond

Phil Rosenthal shared a story with CBS News on how he came up with the idea for a series about food and travel. Ray Romano explained that he loves traveling to the Jersey Shore and shrugged it off when Phil suggested going to Europe. But when the friends went to Italy together, they had so much fun eating great food and meeting people, and Phil felt inspired.

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Phil thought, “What if I could do this for other people?” and now fans can watch the fun, moving and enjoyable Somebody Feed Phil. In every episode across five seasons, Phil shows the incredible power of people bonding over meals.

9 Phil wanted a theme song for this show

Phil Rosenthal eats next to a child on Somebody Feed Phil

Somebody Feed Phil is one of Netflix’s best travel shows and stands out thanks to its charming theme song. The lyrics “A Happy Hungry Man / Journey Through Sea and Land / He Tries to Understand / The Art of Pork Chicken and Lamb Pasta” are the sweet and friendly introduction to each episode.

According Deadline, When Phil started working on the show, Netflix asked what he would like to do that he hadn’t done on his previous PBS series. Phil wanted a theme song and told the publication he worked with Lake Street Dive on it. They received an Emmy Award nomination.

8 10 people work on each team

Phil Rosenthal eats on Somebody Feed Phil

In every episode of the show, Phil jokes about his brother Richard, who is a producer. Sometimes Phil will say something is too delicious to give to his brother and their relationship always seems light and playful.

In an interview with blog.wiretap.coPhil shared that John Bedolis is directing the episodes and the crew is made up of six people from the United States as well as a few people from where they are filming.

seven There will be an episode honoring Phil’s parents, Max and Helen

Helen and Max Rosenthal on the computer on Skype on Somebody Feed Phil

Seeing Phil with his parents Max and Helen was always sweet, and one of the most moving parts of the show was watching Phil Skype with his mom and dad and sharing the food he ate and the experiences he was having. Phil wanted to do something in their memory. Each Season 5 episode features “a joke for Max” as Phil asks his friends to share something funny that Max would have enjoyed.

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In an interview with Variety, Phil shared that an episode that will air on Netflix in the fall will pay tribute to his parents. Phil said, “Because to me they were the best part of the show” and added, “How can we go on and still honor the past and honor their spirit? I think we found a way to do that. .

6 Phil wants to inspire people to travel the world

Phil Rosenthal eats on Somebody Feed Phil

Just like some movies inspire fans to travel, Phil wants his viewers to want to travel after watching all five seasons of his show. As Phil said CN Traveler, “The point of the show is to take you on a journey. I want you to get off the couch.”

Whether you’re watching Phil enjoy duck fat fries in Maine, tortillas in Mexico City, or gelato in Venice, it’s hard not to want to visit these places and savor these dishes firsthand.

5 Phil has never-before-seen scenes on his YouTube channel

Phil Rosenthal smiling and holding a sandwich on Somebody Feed Phil

According The Hollywood Reporter, Phil has a YouTube channel called Phil’s finds where he talks about the restaurants he likes the most.

These videos also include scenes from Somebody Feed Phil that no one has seen since they didn’t get into the episodes airing on Netflix. Phil said in his first video, “Hope you come down my rabbit hole.”

4 Phil is really a fan of the food that comes into the episodes

Phil Rosenthal looks excited on Somebody Feed Phil

Somebody Feed Phil can be considered one of Netflix’s best reality shows due to Phil’s sense of humor and positive personality.

Phil shared with Hustle in an interview, “People say, ‘You seem to like everything.’ And I love everything I put on the show.” If he eats something he’s not a fan of, it won’t be included.

3 It took a decade for the show to become a reality

Phil Rosenthal Someone Feed Phil Season 2

It is interesting that after creating and writing Everybody loves Raymond, Phil started hosting a show about food and travel. His passion for food, his love of life, and his great sense of humor are definitely qualities that make the Netflix series work.

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Phil shared with Goldenby.com that the process between having the idea of Somebody Feed Phil and the show filming. Phil said: “They don’t hand out dreams like this to just anybody. It took time. I really had to prove myself.

2 Phil likes to feed the crew members

Phil is a favorite reality TV host as his kindness shines through every episode, as he loves the team he works with and enjoys meeting new people.

According ChecklistPhil appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and explained that he doesn’t eat the full portion of food he’s given on the show. Phil said, “It looks like I eat a lot, but you see a week of shooting condensed into under an hour. And I share it with the crew, which I love to do anyway.”

1 A cookbook will be released soon


If fans want to learn how to prepare the food that appeared on the show, they can check out a cookbook that will be released soon.

According Weekly entertainmentPhil has a “companion book” due out in October 2022 titled Somebody feed Phil the book. This will be perfect for fans as it will feature lots of details from the filming of the series and the recipes from the talented chefs who have appeared on the show.

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