Loan money for deposits for apartments and townhouses

If you move to a larger apartment, or in your first apartment, the deposit is usually also higher, and therefore a larger amount must lie. Borrowing deposits into his apartment may be necessary if you do not have all the money, and here Verdalas can help. We offer loans to people who are lacking the last to make the budget cohesive. Most often, it is during the months when there are extraordinary expenses, e.g. in connection with relocation.


Does it make sense to borrow for a deposit?

Does it make sense to borrow for a deposit?

It is always best and most sensible if you have the money yourself, as there are costs associated with borrowing money. But it is not always just to have all the money here and now, for extraordinary expenses, such as if you have to move, for example. Therefore, it may be necessary to borrow the last money to make it all go up.

Once you have borrowed the money you can use it as you please. They do not necessarily have to go directly to the deposit if it is money for a person you are urgently missing. You have full control over the money that you borrow as long as they are repaid. However, we recommend that you think carefully before borrowing money and that you are sure that you can repay your loan.


Bank loans vs. quick loans for deposits

Bank loans vs. quick loans for deposits

There is a big difference in whether you choose a bank loan or a quick deposit loan. Often it will not be possible to make a bank loan for deposits at all, but if the deposit is large, you may be lucky. However, the disadvantage of a bank loan is that you have to go to meetings with your bank advisor in the bank. Here you have to give long explanations of what the money is to be used for, and the process often takes a long time.

By borrowing money for deposits via a quick loan, you have the money in your account much faster. You can manage the entire process online, and if you need it, you can easily borrow more than the money you need for the deposit. It can often be a big deal of moving, but with a quick loan you can get some air in the budget.


What if a quick loan is not enough?

If a quick loan of up to DKK 20,000 is not enough for your deposit, we recommend that you supplement with a loan with family or friends. Here you do not have to think about interest, and can wait a little longer to repay the money. Always focus on repaying your loans on time as the loan can become more expensive.


So much you can borrow

At Verdalas you can borrow between 3,000 and 20,000 kroner and get the money paid out immediately via our instant transfer, so you can get the money within minutes. If you are missing money now and then but can’t wait for the first one, a loan from Verdalas may be the right solution for you. 

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